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While other small business go the wall as collateral fallout of COVID19 , the military and civil nuclear global industrial complex continues with business as usual and even seeks to benefit from the pandemic.

Here in Cumbria the BAE shipyard at Barrow continues to build its next generation Weapons of Mass Destruction – nuclear submarines armed with Tomahawk Cruise Missiles “The Astute Class submarines feature the latest nuclear-powered technology and the Sonar 2076. The 7,400-tonne boat can circumnavigate the world submerged, limited only by their food storage capacity, manufacturing the crew’s oxygen from seawater as they go.  They also have the ability to operate covertly and remain undetected in almost all circumstances despite being 50 per cent bigger than the Royal Navy’s current Trafalgar Class submarines which is being replaced by the Astute Class.”

“COVID-19 has changed the way we are working at Barrow and our absolute priority is the…

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