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Hyde-Smith was elected in a special election for two years. If Espy wins Tuesday’s primary, then November will be Espy v Hyde-Smith for the full six years.

Mining Awareness +

We hope that if Mike Espy is elected US Senator, that he might lead in healthcare innovation, like his grandfather, Thomas J. Huddleston, did. The United States needs innovation in healthcare to improve quality, and access, all while cutting costs. This is what the Espys are famous for, along with funeral homes, and a newspaper.

From the National Historic Landmark application:
Narrative Statement of Significance ‘

The Afro-American Sons And Daughters Hospital is significant at the statewide level under Criterion A in the areas of Health/Medicine and Black Ethnic Heritage because it was the first hospital built in Mississippi specifically to serve African Americans during the era of stringent racial segregation and it was one of the most important medical facilities in the state for African Americans during that period. It was operated as a hospital from 1928 until 1972.

The Afro-American Sons and Daughters Hospital opened its doors…

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