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According to vetted rumor, US Senate bill S386, which gives almost all work related green cards to people from India, will be up for a vote in the US Senate next week. For more information and updates see: https://twitter.com/USTechWorkers/status/1233245702232342528

The definition of STEM is actually so broad that it even includes sociology 🙄. However, the screen shot from the New York Fed, found below, shows high levels of unemployment and underemployment in areas that we commonly think of as STEM, such as Math, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Information Systems and Management, and Computer Science.  

As of February, Information Systems and Management graduates have unemployment rates of 5% and underemployment rates of 38.1% with 24% having graduate degrees. Thus, a total of 43.1% are either unemployed or underemployed.  The NY Fed defines underemployment as working in a field that normally shouldn’t require a college degree, rather than working part-time.

H1B workers take jobs from all varieties of educated Americans, because a university degree almost always involves specialization in a specific field of endeavor – that’s the point. The exception may be “general studies”. Thus, foreign H1B “speciality workers” are direct competitors with Americans for jobs in the United States. They need to return home and build up their own countries and stop stealing American jobs. Instead, S 386 wants to make many of these temporary workers permanent by giving them green cards.

We aren’t talking refugees here. We are talking people who wake up one day and decide to leave their home countries and move to the United States because they want to, and the corrupt blinkered US Congress and Presidents allow them to come and take jobs, affirmative action-minority contract set-asides, and eventually even welfare benefits. The majority coming from India are upper or dominant castes who can’t get affirmative action in India, but they can get it in the United States, which may be why they are immigrating here. Why can’t they get affirmative action in India? Because India’s affirmative action, known as reservation, is for the undercaste Dalits (formerly called “untouchables”) and tribal groups. Very recently it now covers the poor of all castes. India’s Supreme Court is dominated by upper castes, who recently weakened reservation set-asides for Dalits-tribal groups. But, are the upper castes of India giving up their undeserved minority status in the United States? Of course not. They continue to take minority contract set asides from the US government, and benefit from affirmative action and other policies designed to uplift African Americans, whose ancestors were enslaved. They lump themselves into a historically nonsensical group called “of color”. People “of color” refers to specific historical groups in the United States, and has nothing to do with India. For instance, there are “Creoles of color” in Louisiana and there were other “free persons of color” in the United States during slave times, who were people with African ancestry that were not slaves. Letting upper-dominant castes from India benefit from affirmative action-minority contract set-asides is akin to letting white South Africans get affirmative action. But, no one says anything about it. If this were stopped, they might not want green cards anymore.

Most of H1B workers hail from countries which do not allow people who are not of their national origin to immigrate. For instance, the offspring of immigrants from India have preference to immigrate back to India for four generations, but everyone else can pretty much forget it. Ditto for Japan, Taiwan, and many other countries.  Some American IT workers have wondered if they should move to India and try to immigrate back to the USA, but they are out of luck. It’s worth noting that once H1Bs, and other immigrants, become US citizens they are sometimes spat out, too, and thrown into the ranks of the unemployed, when they reach their 50s, if not before.

In stark contrast, most multi-generational European Americans – especially those with northern European roots – have no right of return. And, even if they could work abroad, how then are Americans supposed to care for aging parents who cannot move abroad? Meanwhile, new immigrants, in conjunction with “family joining” by their parents, will increasingly burden nursing homes and Medicare-Medicaid, so that there will be nothing for American-born Americans. In fact, American-born Americans may need to care-give their parents, as mass immigration with family joining is undermining the social and senior welfare net. Contrary to popular belief, US Census data show that foreign born US residents and foreign born citizens have a higher median age than American born citizens. Those who came to the US at age 30 with the 1990 H1B wave would be now be 60 years old, for example.

See too: https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2020/02/27/over-a-third-of-us-college-graduates-work-in-jobs-not-typically-requiring-college-degrees/

See the original and more fields of study here: https://www.newyorkfed.org/research/college-labor-market/college-labor-market_compare-majors.html

NB: Sociology is apparently classified as STEM because of a strong focus on methodology and statistics in American sociology. Still, it’s very hard to make a science of anything to do with humans and society due to so many variables and intervening variables 🙄.

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Leon Fresco is a lawyer and is the enemy.