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This was written two years ago. Remember the importance of choosing good candidates in the primaries. The Democrats need to pick a candidate to right the ship of state, who will be acceptable to the majority of Americans. There are other Republican candidates besides Trump running in primaries, for those registered Republican.

Mining Awareness +

In his work “Ethics”, theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer, writing in Nazi Germany, made a point that it is worse for a liar to tell the truth, than for a lover of truth to tell a lie: “Schlimmer ist es, wenn ein Lügner die Wahrheit sagt, als wenn ein Liebhaber der Wahrheit lügt...” [1] It is better to tell a lie than to be a lie. Prior to Trump the meaning appeared somewhat elusive.

Having watched Trump and Putin’s propaganda machine, for an extended period of time, everyone should better understand what Bonhoeffer meant. The occasional truth from liars only serves to confuse people more, and can lure them into a web of deceit. And, Bonhoeffer was obliged to lie to the Nazis and did not feel that it was ethically wrong.

The links between Putin and the Nazis are direct, via the East German Stasi, with whom Putin worked…

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