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For those who missed this important piece that outs Bernie’s co-chair, Ro Khanna, for investing in dirty energy stocks, pipelines, and utilities, all while promoting the Green New Deal.

Mining Awareness +

This is one excerpt from Bernie Sanders Campaign Co-Chair Ro Khanna’s financial disclosures showing the purchase of dirty energy and pharmaceutical stocks, while he promotes the “Green New Deal” and “Medicare for All”. Since when are Exxon and pipeline stocks green, apart from the US Dollars involved? What does Eli Lilly have to do with Medicare for All/Affordable drugs? These aren’t the only dirty energy and pharma stock purchases listed in his financial disclosures, either. Plus, there are also cigarette stocks.

Click to enlarge; cropped to see more clearly:

Original here: Ro Khanna 2020 financial disclosure http://clerk.house.gov/public_disc/ptr-pdfs/2020/8216879.pdf

Asian-Indian-American Congressman Ro Khanna is Bernie Sanders Campaign Co-Chair (not to be confused with Bernie’s Pakistani-American campaign manager). Thus, Ro Khanna could be Sanders’ Vice Presidential pick. With Sanders’ heart condition, Ro Khanna could easily become US President. For this reason, Ro Khanna’s family background and apparent hypocrisy matter, as well as because…

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