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Kenneth Starr calls impeachment obsolete for Presidents, which means that the US Constitution is obsolete, in his opinion. That’s not his call. The US Constitution can be changed but it’s a lengthy process. He wants impeachment to remain for the judiciary, however.

Funny thing Starr didn’t consider it obsolete when he was going after Bill Clinton.

Kenneth Starr calls impeachment hell, but he’s the one making it hell with his boring slow and low-energy delivery. This is 2020, there is no reason or excuse for anyone – north or south – to talk that slowly, and more generally wasting time. Why didn’t someone give him some coffee? LIFE IS SHORT. THEN YOU DIE.

Starr is intentionally or unintentionally entrancing the listener into a sleeping stupor, to make his irrelevant blathering easier to swallow. One could take naps between his words. We recommend that you either read Kenneth Starr later in the Congressional Record (if you want) or clap your hands frequently to snap yourself out of stupor.

The strategy of the Democrats was that if anyone heard even a small clip then they understood why impeachment was necessary.

Funny thing that when the Democrats were delivering their elegant speeches, NPR appeared to be frequently jamming. This blogger had to jam Kenneth Starr myself and shut him off. At least Pasquale Cipollone was an elegant speaker-too elegant, in fact. He probably has to be to help support his 10 kids. Count ’em 10.

As for Starr’s so-called concerns about the election year. The Democrats are suffering most from this impeachment timing, because the Iowa caucus is very soon, and sitting Senators are running. Some of the better candidates are being weakened by this process. Pelosi foot-dragged on this – probably because her son cut a deal with the Trump administration to drop an investigation.

If you are a masochist, find the video here: https://www.c-span.org/video/?468552-1/senate-impeachment-trial-day-7&live Update: A new blatherer is blathering now – sounds like Cipollone, but it’s Purpora.