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Has Mississippi Congressman and US House Homeland Security Oversight Chair Bennie Thompson FINALLY figured out that he is supposed to represent Mississippi and NOT South Texas or MesoAmerica (Central America-Southern Mexico)? He had the unmitigated gall to caterwaul about the arrest of the illegal immigrants who took good paying jobs from both black and white Mississippians, he’s constantly complained about conditions for MesoAmerican kids at the border, but not a peep or tweet for his own people. He brought a couple of members of Congress who represent predominantly “hispanic” districts to Mississippi to complain about the raid. The only hispanic community that was broken up by the raid is illegal. Mississippi ain’t Texas yet, and it ain’t a border state; it ain’t near the border; there’s Louisiana and half of Texas between it and the border. It’s not good enough to complain about prison conditions when he doesn’t want Mississippians to have jobs and stay out of jail in the first place. He needs to be primaried by someone who cares about poor Mississippians.

This Mississippi prison situation made national news all last year. This isn’t just something from the 1970s, as implied in the letter. Blacks and whites are dying, suggesting that the Mississippi Republican establishment has as much disdain for poor whites as poor blacks. As a Democrat, Bennie Thompson’s supposed to care about poor Mississippians and poor Americans, but he doesn’t either. That’s what is so pitiful. Many of the prisoners can’t vote anymore, but neither can the illegals that he loves so much. Some Mississippi jails had air conditioning in the 1970s when the schools didn’t and little kids knew it, too. This situation in the prisons has apparently gotten far worse and there have been multiple deaths over the last years. And, if it’s been that bad non-stop for 50 years then he should have been penning letters on a routine basis, instead of ignoring the situation. It’s surprising Bennie Thompson hasn’t suggested that Latino gangs be brought in to work at the Mississippi prisons since the pay is so low and the conditions so dangerous that they have trouble recruiting people to work there. Maybe he wants some dominant caste guards from India to lord over Mississippi prisoners? Didn’t he vote for HR1044 to give almost all work related green cards to those from India?

It apparently takes a major prison uprising; many dead and injured and a couple of escapees to get his attention.

Doesn’t gangs taking over the Mississippi State Prisons and frequent escapes have more to do with Homeland Security/ Homeland Security Oversight than his obsession with MesoAmerican “children” – many of whom are teens- trying to get into the country? Doesn’t it have more to do with Homeland Security? Of course, his Homeland Security communications person is an Italian from the northeast, who may not even know where Mississippi is located, and certainly appears to know nothing about it. If he knows anything, he doesn’t give a Parchman rats ass. Considering that Epstein was put in prison with rats in NYC, we shouldn’t be surprised that the poor are. Traditionally called the Mississippi State Pen, the conditions at Parchman Prison wouldn’t be considered acceptable for farm animals these days. The letter and some pictures are on Bennie Thompson’s Facebook page. It’s apparently still not considered important enough for Homeland Security or for a web site update.