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From the Charter’97 Press Center:
Lukashenka And Putin Failed To Agree On Oil And Gas
31.12.2019, 8:26
The phone conversation between them lasted over an hour.

The dictators of Belarus and Russia failed to agree on oil and gas prices during the telephone conversation. The meeting of the rulers is likely to take place in mid-January.

This has been reported to the state agency BelTA by the Belarusian dictator’s press service.

The conversation lasted for more than an hour and was devoted to agreeing on specific volumes, terms and prices of hydrocarbons and other raw materials.

The governors also discussed the pending integration issues currently on the agenda.

As a result, the rulers agreed to instruct the governments to organize the work of economic entities in the coming days to enter into contracts on oil and gas.

“In case these issues are not resolved before January 1, according to the agreements, the members of the government will work out a compromise interim alternative regarding the conditions of oil and gas supplies to our country before the final decision is made. The rulers, if necessary, will meet to discuss and make these decisions after the Christmas holidays in mid-January,” – the press service reported.
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Belarus is heavily in debt to Russia – Russia is the source of most of its foreign debt. And, Belarus is heavily dependent upon Russia for its energy, as is Europe. (The Russian built nuclear power station will only make things worse.) Getting out from under their debt to Russia in order to maintain their freedom may prove difficult and painful (i.e. “austerity”/”structural adjustment”). Lukashenka recently took out a loan from China.

The failure of the Russian-Belarusian summit“, 2019-12-09
By Kamil Kłysiński Katarzyna Chawryło Iwona Wiśniewska

The story that never ends. A new stage in the energy dispute between Russia and Belarus
“, by Szymon Kardaś Kamil Kłysiński https://www.osw.waw.pl/en/publikacje/osw-commentary/2017-05-17/story-never-ends-a-new-stage-energy-dispute-between-russia-and

Lukashenka sold his soul and Belarus to Russia with the debt, as the coal miner did in the song “Sixteen Tons”? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sixteen_Tons
Link to song: https://youtu.be/EkRYuMqw-B0

Most recently available pie chart is 2016. The Trump Admin apparently has chosen not to update this. It is interesting to see who increased imports from Russia and who decreased imports between 2015-16, which is the latest information:

They are supposed to be yearly or almost yearly updates: