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Pavel Seviarynets: The More Belarusians Take To The Streets, The More People Wake Up 26.12.2019, 10:46 On December 29, there will be a procession, a rally and new forms of protest in Minsk at 12 o’clock.

Like a thunderbolt from a clear sky, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev announced that 30 so-called action plans for deepening integration had already been agreed upon. The last one remains, on which the work is in progress, and it concerns creation of the single emission center, single currency and supranational governing bodies.

During a conversation with Radio Racyja, co-chairman of the Belarusian Christian Democracy, one of the organizers of several recent protests against the deep integration, Pavel Seviarynets, said that there’s a lot of information that the independence of Belarus is now about to be ceded:
– Even if they sign 30, not 31 action plans, it will mean the ceding. Therefore, on December 29, at 12 pm, we urge Belarusians to take to Kastrychnitskaya Square – Kalinouski Square in Minsk. There will be a procession, there will be a rally, new forms of protest, there will be another sound. And we also urge all the Belarusians to take to the streets of their cities. We need Belarus to wake up. Our main task is to wake up the Belarusian people. Several thousand people are not enough for that. We need people to rise up. There must be a lot of us on December 29.

– However, journalists started calling to the National Bank, and they were very surprised there. They said that there hadn’t even been any talks during the negotiations on the common emission center, the single currency. So, is it another stovepiping?

– In fact, Deputy Prime Minister Krutoi has said that almost everything is ready and there are two or three days left before signing. Various signals show how bad everything is. They try to calm down, on the other hand – they are negotiating, and obviously bargaining. Belarusians can’t keep silent in this situation. For they will be deceived and cheated. Even Lukashenka’s statements that he was making for the Echo of Moscow are a cover-up. There is no trust to Lukashenka! He says that he will not cede the independence, and simultaneously he agrees on 30 action plans … That concerns almost everything that we have in Belarus. Our independence is being ceded. That’s why, all of us are to be at the Square on the 29th!

– However, some analysts say that absolute power for Lukashenka is more than sacred. And he is unlikely to take the steps limiting his power in Belarus.

– They are doing away with Lukashenka, and we know it perfectly well. They have managed to destroy stronger men than Lukashenka. Today Russia with its troops is not only in Donbas and Crimea, it is in Syria, it is in Libya, it is in Venezuela. Belarus is already the rear for them. It’s just an entrapment, they have just put us on the back burner. And we need to get out of it. So, all of us, on the 29th at 12.00 – the meet is at Kastrychnitskaya Square (Kalinouski Square)!

– And are there any cautionary statements that this is some kind of manipulation? Could it be that they have found such a point and are heating the temperature in Belarus, as if mocking? Psychological warfare, hybrid warfare is partly built on this.

– In reality, the more Belarusians come out, the more people wake up. The more people will start to speak and consider it topic number one. Therefore, as it was in the case with Ukraine, when one thing was done first, then another thing was discussed, whether they were integrating with Europe or not – it resulted in Maidan and the change of power. That’s why they may end up in a bad way in the information civilization. But I do not think that this is a game. I think that Lukashenka is being pressed, Moscow is pressing, its power is overwhelming. And the Belarusian people must come out to defend their independence. Not to defend Lukashenka, but to defend themselves and their country.
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