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From Charter97.org:
Pavel Seviarynets Detained By Riot Police 26.12.2019, 11:53
The politician has been taken to the Tsentralny district police department.

Co-chairman of BCD Pavel Seviarynets was detained near his house by the riot police. The politician’s wife, Volha Seviarynets, reported about it on Facebook. The politician was taken to the Tsentralny district police department.

Today, Seviarynets is to be tried for calling to participate in the rally against integration on December 7. The politician was sentenced to 15 days of arrest for participating in this rally on December 18, but he was not sent to serve his sentence then. At that time Seviarynets was also detained by the riot police near the house, tut.by reminds.

On January 26, other participants of the mass protests against the integration with Russia, held on December 7 and 8, are also tried in Minsk. More than 15 trials are scheduled for Thursday. The majority of the activists are fined 30 or 50 basic units, while one activist – Aliona Talstaya – was sentenced to 5 days’ arrest and detained right in the courtroom. She launched a hunger strike.
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