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See how your Member of Congress voted or failed to vote:

Tulsi Gabbard abstained. She apparently aims to be a new Trump, and doesn’t want to piss off his political and economic base in the US or abroad. Remember Trump’s big connection to India – Trump Towers and Republican Hindu coalition. Interesting that the ethnic Hindus in the House voted to impeach. But, then again, they aren’t running for President. And, who knows — maybe as ethnic Hindu/Asian-Indian-Americans they have decided to be Americans first. Tulsi is Hindu by choice, rather than birth-culture/ethnicity.

Opinion: Tulsi Gabbard Unites Putin Apologists, Bloodstained Modi, Genocidal Assad and the U.S. Far Right Gabbard suffers from severely selective moral outrage. Her love for India’s massacre-complicit Modi is just as disqualifying as her apologetics for Bashar Assad“, by Shrenik Rao Oct 19, 2019 7:37 Pm https://www.haaretz.com/us-news/tulsi-gabbard-unites-bloodstained-modi-genocidal-assad-putin-and-the-u-s-far-right-1.6870890

Lengthy history with PACs follows Tulsi Gabbard into 2020“, By Raymond Arke, January 14, 2019 https://www.opensecrets.org/news/2019/01/lengthy-history-with-pacs-follows-tulsi-gabbard-into-2020/