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From Charter’97 Press Center:
Pickets For Independence Of Belarus Held In St. Petersburg
10.12.2019, 17:27
The protesters were holding posters “Long Live Belarus!” and “For Our Freedom and Your Freedom”.

On December 8, protest pickets against deepening integration of Belarus and Russia were also held in the northern capital of Russia, Belsat reports.

A series of single-person pickets were held on Malaya Sadovaya Street in St. Petersburg. They were held in solidarity with the protests in Minsk, Marina Ken reports on Facebook.

“Now Belarus faces a real danger. It’s about absorbing a small nation, compared to Russia,” – picket participant Yevgeniya Litvinova said.

The activist hopes that Belarus will remain a separate independent country.
Some paddy wagons were parked not far from the place of the picket. Police officers were coming up to its participants.

The participants were holding posters with the inscriptions “Long Live Belarus,” “For Our Freedom and Your Freedom,” “Don’t “Integrate” Putin Neither To Russia, Not To Belarus For The 5th Term”.

We remind you that on December 7 and 8, mass rallies for the independence of Belarus were held in Minsk. The rallies and marches lasted for 5 hours a day and gathered thousands of people.

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