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CALL YOUR MEMBER OF THE HOUSE TO STOP IT! With such mass migration – exemption here, exemption there; amnesty here; amnesty there; a few million here; a few million there – there will be no country to save. It will take a dictator and mass surveillance to keep order, and the entire country will become a desert due to overpopulation.

Stop HR 5038: Amnesties Illegal Farmworkers, H-2A Still Unlimited for Seasonal Work and Creates a New Work Category so that Foreign Workers can Work Year-Round in Dairies, Food-Processing (e.g. Meat-Packing plants, Fish Canneries), Nurseries, and More. This bill also provides funding for housing for the foreign workers, while many Americans remain homeless. This is for huge agribusiness farms – more like plantations – or they wouldn’t be able to afford the surety bond.

Under the current H-2A the workers are provided with free housing and transportation. How many homeless Americans would be happy if this were provided to them? While they are required to offer equivalent conditions to American workers, do they offer them housing and transportation? Americans should register complaints, if not: https://www.dol.gov/whd/regs/compliance/whdfs26.pdf
Update: Inspections for H-2A foreign farmworker housing but not for American migrant farmworker housing:

Blighted Housing: Visa program requires housing inspections for non-U.S. farmworkers

Reagan did amnesty and it only attracted more to sit and wait for amnesty. These illegal farmworkers can be from all over the world – they aren’t just from Mexico.

Only Fox News and NumbersUSA is warning us! It won’t take Russian interference to make Dem-wits lose in 2020. Maybe they should go back to calling themselves Democrats, instead of recognizing that they are “dim” in their lazy nick-name of Dem? Dem indeed, they appear to want to lose 2020. Republicans are also often complicit but are better fakes. We must move heaven and earth to make sure Cali’s sell-out hellish sponsor, Zoe Lofgren, doesn’t get re-elected. Ditto for all members of Congress pushing for more immigration, but she is apparently the most pernicious.
US House Amnesty Bill Vote

Link: https://youtu.be/gslYChRtYSY

Subsidies for H-2A foreign worker housing. See (literal) bottom line, below.

Amnesty bill HR 5038 Is like the one that changed California forever
By M. Dowling – December 6, 2019 https://www.independentsentinel.com/amnesty-bill-hr-5038-is-like-the-one-that-changed-california-forever/

Another too long even for speed-readers document: https://docs.house.gov/meetings/JU/JU00/20191120/110259/BILLS-116-5038-N000002-Amdt-1.pdf

While the 224 pages of H.R. 5038 make many more changes to the H-2A program… one need look no further than the first few pages to figure out the real point of this bill: a path to citizenship for an unknown number of illegal immigrants who do some work in agriculture, along with their families.

Of course, we have no idea how many people will take advantage of this amnesty. Estimates from groups like Farmworker Justice put the number of farm workers in the U.S. at 2.4 million, while other estimates reach as high as 2.7 million. Even at the very conservative estimate that 50 percent of farm workers are here illegally, well over a million and a half people will get a path to citizenship, and, because that 50 percent number is from a self-reported survey, we can expect the number of illegal workers is even higher than that.

What are some other highlights of H.R. 5038? The bill promotes fraudulent applications through its extremely low document standards and the ability to withdraw a knowingly false application without prejudice. The bill allows aliens with multiple DUI convictions and charges to get amnesty. It forgives social security fraud and rewards aliens who engage in such fraud with a path to U.S. citizenship.

The bill defines a “work day” as only 5.75 hours long and only requires 100 of those each year in order to get a path to citizenship, and, better yet, an alien can be exempt from one year of work if they are a caretaker or are pregnant.

The bill doesn’t require the alien to pay back taxes. H.R. 5038 rewards with amnesty those who failed to attend removal proceedings as well as those who were removed and illegally reentered America. The bill even authorizes U.S. taxpayer money to help illegal immigrants apply for amnesty and permits DHS to loot up to $10 million dollars from the fees paid by those seeking legal immigration benefits — such as naturalization.”

Collins statement on H.R. 5038

Excerpts from Numbers USA Fact Sheet:
H.R. 5038 would give amnesty—including work permits, green cards, and a path to citizenship—to illegal aliens who have been unlawfully employed in agriculture at least part time during the past two years. In fact, illegal aliens who spent just most weekends working in agriculture over two years would qualify, since only 1,035 hours or 180 workdays are required.

However, Congress knows that giving amnesty to illegal agricultural workers will fail to produce a stable, legal workforce, because they’ve tried it before.

Congress passed an agricultural amnesty in 1986, as part of the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA). That law was sold to the American people as a one-time amnesty, in exchange for border security and a prohibition on hiring illegal aliens in the future, that would provide a stable and legal agricultural workforce.

We ended up giving amnesty to almost 1.1 million “Special Agricultural Workers” (as they were called in IRCA), plus their spouses and minor children. But there was a catch: most of the Special Agricultural Workers left agriculture for better-paying jobs as soon as they got their work permits.

Indentured Servitude The sponsors of the Farm Workforce Modernization Act decided to address this problem by regressing to the 17th Century practice of indenturing these newly amnestied agricultural workers for various durations…

H-2A Expansion

the sponsors of H.R. 5038 decided that it is time to complete the hollowing out of several other industries, in addition to seasonal farm work. They kept the numerically unlimited H-2A category for seasonal work, but created a new, non-seasonal, year-round category so that at least 20,000 (and potentially many more) low-paid foreign workers can be imported each year to work at dairies, meat-packing plants, fish canneries, nurseries, and more

the bill also creates a brand new pot of 40,000 green cards each year for aliens who worked in the H-2A program for 10 years or who are capable of working in non-seasonal agricultural jobs. Of course, they won’t be limited to working in agriculture, because once you get a green card, you can work in any job you can find. ” (Emphasis our own) Read the entire fact sheet here: https://www.numbersusa.com/sites/default/files/public/hr5038_facts.pdf

See much more here: https://www.numbersusa.com

One independent farmworkers group says they oppose it because it continues displacement of US farmworkers, only to contradict themselves and seem to complain that the amnesty-path to citizenship components are insufficient. I guess they hope that the green card holders will go work in other non-agricultural fields of endeavor?

Why isn’t Progressives for Immigration Reform following this?!

New Report:53 Million Americans Hold Low-Wage Jobs

Democrats will lose in 2020 if they keep pushing for more immigrants. Republicans are also pushing for more immigration, but know to pretend they are not. See for instance Utah Republican Mike Lee’s push to turn the USA into India with S386, which amnesties in H1-B and other temporary workers from India. S386 was HR 1044 and first created by Lofgren who is pushing this bill.

Eric Holder to 2020 Dems: Tone Down Immigration Rhetoric or Lose

If you don’t feel at home in your country anymore and can’t find a job, this is probably why. Culture matters. Shared culture matters. Regardless, numbers matter. Too many is too many. These huge numbers include Europeans and their offspring who, like Trump – whose mother migrated in 1930- may look and sound the same but are not the same. They do not share our history and do not necessarily share our values. Furthermore, “hispanics” include recent European and other migrants to Latin America, including the offspring of Nazis and other fascists who fled to Latin America.

Excerpt from Progressives for Immigration Reform article: “Consider these statistics that the Census Bureau provides: since 2000, more than 50 million people have been added to our sprawling nation, mostly at Congress’ invitation. Since 1970, more than 120 million people have been added, again mostly thanks to Congress’ liberal immigration policies. Nothing slows down immigration – not the terror attack of 9/11, recessions, high unemployment, the mortgage meltdown or other events that logic dictates should create at least a pause.” See: https://progressivesforimmigrationreform.org/biden-pressing-for-higher-immigration-disregards-environmental-consequences/


One can but wonder how many have gone to work for Russia and/or in Russia because for decades America’s educated classes have lost jobs to H1B visa holders.

Update: Progressives for Immigration Reform finally noticed this bill, but strangely don’t seem to be pushing for people to call their members of Congress, as needed. They have tweeted out an article, which focuses more on the (temporarily) indentured labor aspect of the bill.