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Lucky that Escambia County has more than two Sheriff’s Deputies, unlike some counties. Lucky they were brave and came to the rescue, saving lives. So, where was the Pensacola Naval Base Military Police?
[Update note: At least one base police officer did respond and was wounded, according to the Washington Post: “Among the wounded was Charles Hogue, a base police officer who was shot in the thigh while responding to the shooting…” “Among the Pensacola shooting victims: An aspiring Navy pilot and a former track star” Dec. 7, 2019, Washington Post https://archive.li/qhWMP ]

According to Escambia County Sheriff Morgan, “his office received a report of an active shooter at Naval Air Station Pensacola just before 7 a.m. Two deputies arrived to the scene not long after, when they exchanged gunfire with the shooter and ultimately killed him” [1].

Why are we training Saudi terrorists? The majority of our oil (43%) imports come from Canada: https://www.eia.gov/tools/faqs/faq.php?id=727&t=6

If you wonder why the base head’s name sounds Irish, and he doesn’t sound American, it’s because he is Irish born and raised: Captain Timothy F. Kinsella Jr. https://archive.li/BOilv

Link: https://youtu.be/TZia_jWrx-0

Escambia County Sheriff speaking: https://youtu.be/LruTIqxQ7eA

Pensacola shooting: Gunman was a military pilot from Saudi Arabia training in the U.S., official says By T.S. Strickland,  Brittany Shammas, Alex Horton and Kim Bellware Dec. 6, 2019 at 6:49 p.m. UTC, Washington Post: https://archive.li/e4rVM

Was this attack Trump’s impeachment temper tandrum with the military police standing down or what? One can but wonder.


So, why wasn’t the base police doing what they say they are supposed to be doing?

Mission Statement
“To provide a safe and secure environment for the Naval community to live, work and train the sailors and aviators of tomorrow.”

The NAS Pensacola Police Department is responsible for law and order operations for the following installations under CNRSE: NAS Pensacola, Saufley Field, CID Corry Station, and other outlying facilities.  Divisions include; Investigations, Training, Crime Prevention, Pass & ID, Anti-Terrorism, Military Working Dogs, Patrol Operations, Bike Patrol, ATV Patrol, and Small Arms Facility. The department is located in building 3873 at 541 John H. Towers Rd.

By direction of the commanding officer, we are charged to investigate, apprehend, or detain individuals suspected or convicted of offenses against the criminal laws of the United States; conduct searches and seize evidence; act as an official party to matters of interest to the Naval Air Station Pensacola Complex, enforcement of the UCMJ, conduct interviews and interrogations, apprehend deserters and military members declared AWOL by the Navy and perform other duties in accordance with Navy regulations and law.

 We provide 24-hour service with a diverse team of civilian officers and enlisted Master-At-Arms rated personnel. Many of our civilian officers are military veterans and compliment our force with diverse experience.

Security personnel provide entry control to all installations as well as traffic enforcement on the roadways. Divisions include; Investigations, Training, Crime Prevention, Pass & ID, Anti-Terrorism, Military Working Dogs, Patrol Operations, Bike Patrol, ATV Patrol and Harbor Patrol Operations.

Whether you are visiting our installation or assigned here, it is our goal to provide a safe and secure environment to live, work or train”. https://archive.li/P6PqR


[1] “Trump passes along Saudi king’s ‘sympathies’ after Saudi national kills 3 at naval base“, By CAITLIN OPRYSKO 12/06/2019 02:57 PM EST, Politico: https://archive.li/a6xsm
Yeah, like anyone but Trump gives a rat’s ass about their so-called  “sympathies”.

King Fahd and the Reagan’s greeting Ivana Trump with Donald Trump at a state dinner for King Fahd of Saudi Arabia in the blue room. 2/11/85