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“We draw the Environment Agency’s attention to the fact that boreholes just one mile away from Sellafield are now providing a substantial amount of West Cumbria’s drinking water. We believe this practise of taking water from boreholes so near to Sellafield is intolerable with regards public health” Comment here: https://consult.environment-agency.gov.uk/cumbria-and-lancashire/sellafield-radioactive-substances-activities-rsa-p/


Sellafield wants carte blanche to discharge radioactive emissions to the environment – meanwhile much of West Cumbria’s fresh water is being pulled from boreholes
just a mile away from the Sellafield site

There is a short consultation by the Environment Agency going on now which has been described by the BBC as a proposed “New permit for Sellafield as discharge levels drop”. This is pure Sellafield PR spin.

Sellafield says its levels of discharge are dropping because they are no longer reprocessing (dipping spent fuel rods in millions of tonnes of acid and dissolving them to retrieve uranium and plutonium) so they have asked the Environment Agency to cut them some slack ( they have too much slack already!)

So to put in a broad brush, Sellafield say they should not be hampered by now defunct (?!) regulations to nominally protect the public or have to report to the Environment…

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