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Neither Republicans nor Democrats care about Americans, anymore. The majority of members of what is supposed to be the US Congress need to be primaried. The US needs to quickly find decent Republican and Democratic candidates for Congress and for President, who will represent the American people and not foreigners and foreign interests. He mentions stapling green cards to diplomas. This is one Congressional proposal but it can still be stopped. H1Bs and F-1/OPT visas are temporary so they can still be sent home. With the green card they become permanent. After the green card they become citizens.

Interesting that first Lou Dobbs, and now Tucker Carlson, are the only ones willing to raise the alarm and stand up for Americans and criticize both Republicans and Democrats. Maybe Fox realizes that Americans soon won’t be able to afford cable TV?

Support US workers in any way possible, and boycott, boycott, boycott foreign labor and those who use it, to the extent possible. If you are not a multi-generational American and you still have the right of return to your indigenous homeland, you may want to arrange that. But, for those multi-generational Americans with no right of return, this is a fight for your life and your future. Foreign nationals have a country. Americans need a country to live and work in.

Five Trump Tower projects in Inda: https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2019/11/13/the-many-red-flags-of-trumps-partners-in-india-five-trump-towers-tower-projects-in-india/