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Dear Office for Nuclear Regulation

The arrogance displayed in your email reply dismissing my concerns about the running of the Hartlepool Nuclear Power Station beyond its original design life is indicative of the arrogance you display in the face of the public safety risk posed by Hartlepool, Heysham 1, Hunterston B, Hinkley Point B, and Dungeness B Nuclear Power Stations. This is very unsettling.

You constantly allow the previously agreed safety limits to be increased on graphite mass loss and cracking each time they are reached.

I draw your attention to your own document on Graphite http://www.onr.org.uk/operational/tech_asst_guides/ns-tast-gd-029.pdf  You are therefore well aware of the risks posed by the aging of the reactor cores. On page 8 section 5.22 you declare this

“The effects of oxidation on graphite core density for steam ingress faults should be considered in this context. Graphite weight loss will affect reactivity and—for undermoderated cores—erode margins for…

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