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It seems that Mississippi Governor’s election could be determined by voting machines, which have been long-known to be vulnerable to fraud, and which exhibited jumping behavior favoring Tate Reeves, over William Waller, in the Republican run-off. Additionally, a Mississippi statewide candidate must win both a majority of the popular vote, and a majority of the state House districts, or the (Republican) state House chooses the winner.

Thirteen years ago, National Public Radio reported: “Security Risk Seen in Electronic Voting Machines ” May 20, 2006 8:00 AM ET, by Linda Wertheimer “After the close 2000 presidential election, Congress appropriated funds to help states acquire electronic voting systems. The Diebold TSX, one popular machine, has been criticized as vulnerable to fraud…” Read the article here: https://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=5419884 In the article, among other things, Professor Avi Rubin of Johns Hopkins pointed out: “Despite the fact that the machines are not networked, you could change the software on there so that it would put a virus on the on the memory card. The memory cards are transferred from one machine to the other. And so the thing to keep in mind is that the virus or the malicious software that’s introduced, it could cause the machines to fail, but it could also do something that would be undetectable. What if the malicious software simply said, if we’re in a precinct that votes a particular way that we don’t like, swap 10 percent of the votes

And, so, what does it mean, then, when in 2019, for the Mississippi Republican primary run-off, in at least seven election precincts, the same type of voting machines reportedly rejected attempted votes for William Waller, and force selected Tate Reeves instead? Reeves is the choice of the Republican Establishment-Haley Barbour machine-Trump. Waller is the moderate Republican son of a former Mississippi governor.

If some machines appeared rigged in favor Reeves in the primary, will they be manipulated to favor him against Jim Hood? Will it even be apparent?

Video, reports of machines automatically changing votes in Mississippi GOP Governor runoff” by Sarah Fowler, Mississippi Clarion Ledger Published 3:25 PM EDT Aug 28, 2019 JACKSON, Miss. – There have been at least three reports confirmed by officials of voting machines in two Mississippi counties changing voters’ selections in the state’s GOP gubernatorial primary runoff…https://archive.li/tEp6B The official number was three, but at least seven counties were impacted according to the Waller campaign.

Excerpts from memos — in Diebold’s employees’ own words“:
I need some answers!  Our department is being audited by the County.  I have
been waiting for someone to give me an explanation as to why Precinct 216
gave Al Gore a minus 16022 when it was uploaded.  Will someone please
explain this so that I have the information to give the auditor instead of
standing here “looking dumb”.  I would appreciate an explanation on why the
memory cards start giving check sum messages. We had this happen in several…

http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~matth/lists/support.w3archive/200101/msg00068.html http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~matth/lists/

Douglas Jones, professor of computer science at the University of Iowa and a longtime expert on voting machines confirmed that other companies did routinely install remote-access software during this period. “Certainly, [Diebold Election Systems] did the same, and I’d assume the others did too,” he told Motherboard. “In the case of [Diebold], many of their contracts with customers included the requirement of a remote-login port allowing [the company] to have remote access to the customer system in order to allow customer support.” See: “Top Voting Machine Vendor Admits It Installed Remote-Access Software on Systems Sold to States ; Remote-access software and modems on election equipment ‘is the worst decision for security short of leaving ballot boxes on a Moscow street corner.’“, By Kim Zetter, Jul 17 2018, Vice-Motherboard: https://archive.li/kF2iJ

Mississippi’s 1890 constitution requires a statewide candidate to win a majority of the popular vote and a majority of the 122 state House districts. If nobody wins both, the election is decided by the House, and representatives are not obligated to vote as their districts did.” “Judge won’t block Mississippi’s Jim Crow-era election system” Nov 1, 2019 2:04 PM EST https://www.pbs.org/newshour/nation/judge-wont-block-mississippis-jim-crow-era-election-system



Diebold entered the voting machine business with its 2002 acquisition of Global Election Systems, a company whose Senior VP (programmer Jeffrey Dean) was a CONVICTED FELON who had served time for sophisticated crimes involving “COMPUTER TAMPERING”…” Read more here: “States have used taxpayer money to buy systems from vendors with close past and/or present ties to a foreign dictator, US politicians, a Religious Right group, and a convicted embezzler whose crimes involved computer tampering” by Jennifer Cohn, Jan 9, 2018, January 28, 2018 https://medium.com/@jennycohn1/updated-attachment-states-have-bought-voting-machines-from-vendors-controlled-and-funded-by-nation-6597e4dd3e70

Machine removed after video surfaces of it changing vote from Waller Jr. to Reeveshttps://www.wlbt.com/2019/08/27/machine-removed-after-video-surfaces-it-changing-vote-waller-jr-reeves/

Trump, Trump Jr., and Pence appear anxious to get another member of the Haley Barbour machine, Tate Reeves, into power. Perhaps to help cover up the corruption that Jim Hood might otherwise expose? https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2019/08/05/political-operatives-lobbyists-foreign-agents-fara-vs-transparency-in-the-mississippi-governors-race/
Trump boot-licker Reeves: https://archive.li/UbVJY

Miss Sec of State statement https://archive.li/e7BUk

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