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There may be another attempt to ram S386 thru without debate on Thurs. (17th). According to Durbin, who is proposing an even worse “RELIEF” Act: Almost 4 million are on the State Dept’s immigrant visa waiting list, plus 100s of 1000s in the U.S. waiting for green cards. While the US gov estimates a family-joining multiplier at x 3 , this is for all countries & based on current caps. A more realistic family multiplier seems to be x 34 & growing over time for each immigrant, as explained, below. So, this is an est. 15 million to 170 million new US permanent residents-soon citizens in the near future. Current US population is over 329 million; India & China over 1.3 billion each; Currently 1 net international migrant to the US per 34 seconds: https://www.census.gov/popclock/

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People from India are making their voices be heard on these important proposed changes in US policy, are you? Americans call your US Senators ASAP to oppose S386 and any similar or related bills. Public hearings and debate are needed: https://www.senate.gov/general/contact_information/senators_cfm.cfm?OrderBy=state&Sort=ASC The biggest overall winner from S386 is India. They have the biggest backlog in employment based green cards and one of the biggest family joining backlogs. Thus, they benefit from both removal of per country caps for employment based green cards and the more than doubling of per country caps from 7% to 15% for family joining green cards. Due to the removal of country caps for employment based green cards they will dominate family joining over time. However, the biggest immediate winner for family joining will apparently be Mexico. Nonetheless, since family joining is still capped at 15% the biggest winners will likely be the top five…

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