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Excerpt from ACLU document:
When one group disagrees with the message of another group, the First Amendment protects the right to counter-protest at the site of a protest. Police must ensure that the two opposing groups do not silence or harm each other. Police may do so by separating the opposing groups, but should allow them to be in the same general vicinity.

The First Amendment also protects the right of an individual or small group to express a variety of additional messages to a large protest group at the site of the protest. For example, at a large parade in support of or opposition to a war, a candidate for public office might display campaign signs to the marchers, or a free speech organization might distribute “know your rights” leaflets to the marchers. Government has no legitimate interest in prohibiting multiple expressive activities that, without interfering with each other, can take place in the same public place at the same time.11

Click to access know_your_right_to_protest_in_chicago.pdf

Illinois Immigration Forum trying to pretend no right to counter-protest: https://archive.li/hHy9v

From our understanding, the counter-protests are at US Senator Durbin’s office and so should not require a parade permit (assuming parade permits are required). There could be a counter-protest at City Hall, as well.

Furthermore, since the Illinois Immigration Forum/Immivoice/Green Card demander march seems to have been short notice, it may fall under current events: “Moreover, if protesters gather in response to breaking news, the First Amendment requires an exception from the ordinary deadlines in the government’s permit process.18 Thus, in the Chicago ordinance requiring permit applications 15 days before a parade, and notice to the City five days before a sidewalk demonstration that would impede pedestrian traffic, there is an exemption for spontaneous responses to current events.19https://www.aclu-il.org/sites/default/files/know_your_right_to_protest_in_chicago.pdf

Keep focused on your points: #Stop 386. Oppose the removal of the per country green card caps, oppose the doubling of family joining caps, AND oppose any expansion in green card numbers. The purpose of the caps is to have diversity, which allows immigrants to become Americans. It keeps one group from monopolizing immigration. Contrary to popular opinion, America has always been “diverse”. That is its main defining character.

Above all don’t name call or do anything that could be construed as falling under non-protected fighting words: https://www.aclu-il.org/sites/default/files/know_your_right_to_protest_in_chicago.pdf

Beware! Because for whatever reason, these Asian-Indians wanna-be permanent residents (green cards) appear to be a hate everyone group. They apparently hate their own country and our country. We suspect that they are grumpy because they officially lost their caste privileges back home in India in the 1950s. That’s when they started arriving in the USA in small numbers. They started arriving in large numbers from the 1960s. India has affirmative action for those who need it. The USA gives affirmative action to those from India who are ineligible in India due to upper-dominant caste status. The USA MUST stop giving affirmative action meant for African Americans to post Civil War immigrants.

Pramila Jayapal came as a student, then H1B, then Green Card, now in US Congress: https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2019/07/17/us-congressman-emanuel-cleaver-abandons-chair-during-floor-debate-statement/

This certainly sounds effective:

Disclaimer: The above blog is based upon the ACLU document, which you may wish to read in its entirety, and experience protesting elsewhere. It does not replace nor constitute legal advice. Any protest carries risk, including risk of arrest. This is especially due to agent provocateurs. Know your rights.