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US Representative of Syrian Democratic Council

The Syrian Democratic Council adamantly condemns the decision by the Trump Administration decision to allow Turkish forces to invade Northeast Syria. We call upon Congress, the US military, and the international community to oppose this decision, and we call upon President Trump to reverse this decision.

Our brave men and women with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have just won a historic victory over the ISIS “caliphate,” a victory announced by President Trump and celebrated across the world. To abandon us now would be tragic. To disregard our partnership would also send a clear signal to all would-be partner forces of the United States that a US alliance may not be trustworthy.

The Turkish military has been occupying the predominantly-Kurdish city of Afrin, Syria, since early 2018. Their military and militias have committed grave atrocities and human rights abuses there. We do not want a repeat of the invasion and occupation of Afrin.

We have been a committed local partner to the United States in fighting ISIS. We have very actively participated in good faith with the US-led Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS. The security mechanism agreement between us, the United States, and Turkey, involved the withdrawal of our military forces from the Turkey-Syria border. Within the past two months, we withdrew our forces and complied with this agreement. We made this agreement to avoid war, a war that will lead to suffering and human rights abuses for all Syrian people. We now call upon the United States government to support its allies.

Sinam Mohamad
US Representative of Syrian Democratic Council
http://m-syria-d.com/en/1313 (Emphasis our own.)

The Syrian Democratic Council-Forces includes Arabs, Kurds, Syriac, Assyrians, Turkmen and Armenians, as explained in their statement: https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2019/10/07/syrian-democratic-council-statement-about-the-us-withdrawal-decision/

It includes Christians, who are especially endangered. Turkey’s Erdogan aims to recreate the Ottoman Islamic Caliphate-Empire. We have full confidence in this last statement, due to testimony from a trusted Turkish source.

The Christian Martyrs’ Last Prayer, by Jean-Léon Gérôme (1883)