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Both the Republicans and Dem-wits, who failed to impeach Trump early on, have lots of blood on their hands.

US to let Turkish forces move into Syria, abandoning Kurdish allies
White House reveals sudden shift in policy, which follows conversation between Donald Trump and Recep Tayyip Erdoğan
“, by Julian Borger in Washington
Mon 7 Oct 2019 05.42 BST https://amp.theguardian.com/world/2019/oct/07/us-to-let-turkish-forces-move-into-syria-abandoning-kurdish-allies

As explained last year by Haaretz “Erdogan is willing to help Trump, but not for free. His main concern is America’s close collaboration with the Kurds’ People’s Protection Units in northern Syria…” See: “Analysis Erdogan May Help Trump and Absolve MBS, but Not for Free: The Khashoggi killing pushed Erdogan’s roller-coaster ride to the top – Trump needs him, Putin got friendlier and the EU even resumed talks on Turkey joining…“, by Zvi Bar’el, 30.11.2018, 07:28, Haaretz: https://archive.li/04pDi

Inside Trump Towers Istanbul Turkey

Recall that Trump just reduced the cap for refugees and asylum seekers and now aims to create more refugees. Or he aims for them to be all slaughtered?

October 7, 2019 statements by the Syrian Democratic Forces:
Coordination & Military Ops Center – SDF
@cmoc_sdf 1h
Based on our confidence in the ‪#US‬ efforts in the Security Mechanism agreement, we implemented all our commitments to remove military fortifications between Tal Abyad & SereKaniye, withdraw combat forces with heavy weapons, risking a security vacum as a result of the agreement.
Coordination & Military Ops Center – SDF
@cmoc_sdf 1h
But Erdogan’s threats are aimed to change the security mechanism into a mechanism of death, displace our people & change the stable & secure region into a zone of conflict and permanent war.
Coordination & Military Ops Center – SDF
Any ‪#Turkish‬ attack will result in:
1. Reverse the successful effort to defeat ‪#ISIS‬, where ‪#SDF‬ sacrificed 11K martyrs of our sons & daughters over 5 years of war, which led to destroy the caliphate & created stability & security for the people of NE ‪#Syria‬.
Coordination & Military Ops Center – SDF
Replying to
2. A long-term war in the region making ‪#Syria‬ a permanent conflict area. While the international community look for Syria political solution, the Syrian people suffer years of war and migration.
‪@UN @DOTArabic‬ ‪@mutludc‬
Coordination & Military Ops Center – SDF @cmoc_sdf
3. The return of leaders of ‪#ISIS‬ who are hidden in the desert & Euphrates Shield areas to in of NE ‪#Syria‬. ‪#ISIS‬ cells will break their terrorist out of prisons (12K terrorists) & camps ( 70K ‪#Daesh‬ families) which is a threat to local & international security.
Coordination & Military Ops Center – SDF
4. Force the ‪#Syrian‬ people to subject to the extremist ‪#terrorist‬ organizations as ‪#Nosra‬ & ‪#Daesh‬, that still retain more than 50K extremist terrorists, & also they are able to extend their reach all Syria.
‪@rabrowne75 @gaylelemmon @LindseyGrahamSC @CENTCOM @brett_mcgurk‬



HT: ‪https://twitter.com/DelanteMedia/status/1181056968988999681‬

Statement to the Public Opinion
Turkish threats of a military attack on the border areas of northern and eastern Syria have escalated and these threats have peaked while the implementation of the security mechanism continues and SDF is committed to all its commitments towards this agreement which refutes Turkey’s security concerns regarding its borders. Turkish threats should have ended to prepare the atmosphere for expansion of Syrian internal dialogue to launch a fair political process involving effecting Syrian parties, led by the Syrian Democratic Council and Self-Administration for North and East Syria. On the contrary, the Turkish side began to complain and threatens to turn upside down the table.This proves that Turkish government is untruthful and unserious regarding this understanding. Thus, the Turkish attempts to launch military strikes on the region are inseparable from excluding the representation of the Syrian Democratic Council and Self-Administration from formation of the Constitutional Commission…
” Read the rest here: http://m-syria-d.com/en/1309