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As can be seen in the chart at the bottom of this post, Business has dominated US Masters degrees for a very long time.

People from India and other foreigners are making their voices be heard on very important proposed changes to US immigration policy. Are you? Americans call your US Senators ASAP to oppose S386 and any similar or related bills. Oppose both the removal of the per country green card cap AND any expansion in green card numbers. Public hearings and debate are needed. There are rumors that it could be sneaked into a DHS appropriations bill: https://www.senate.gov/general/contact_information/senators_cfm.cfm?OrderBy=state&Sort=ASC

If you need any proof that H1B is nothing but theft of jobs from Americans, one need only listen to the whining MBA from India complain to US Senator Durbin that he is “suffering” in the United States because he doesn’t have a green card. In a very short time, this MBA from India purchased three houses. Meanwhile, such migrants arriving on H1Bs, and related visas, have lead to destroyed hopes, dreams, careers and, yes, homelessness of Americans, for decades. Too bad we don’t know who he is so that we can investigate how he bought these three houses. His MBA degree is from Hartford, Connecticut. We don’t know if it is University of Connecticut, Hartford, or University of Hartford. Because of his accent, on first listen some might think he said Harvard. However, Harvard is in Boston Massachusetts, and not Connecticut. Yes, that’s what he said – Connecticut. Not that it matters.

America doesn’t need any foreign MBAs period, and we don’t need any more people. We need forest and agricultural land. If not, the country will become a desert and we will starve. To let a foreign MBA stay in the United States is an obscene outrage. Is Senator Durbin so stupid as to think that this guy is talented and should be allowed to stay in the United States? Or was he just being polite? Meanwhile, the Immivoice India lobby is pretending that Durbin was unkind to them, whereas he was too kind: https://archive.li/Vpjbz This is proof that we don’t need any more upper or dominant caste people from India. See how they act when they don’t get their way from our government! They aren’t even citizens. They need to be sent home quickly. Once they get green cards or citizenship it is too late.

US Senator Durbin meeting with immigrants where S386 is discussed: https://youtu.be/LdiIayepCto If you drink, we recommend a beer. If you don’t have a beer, be prepared to cope with this annoying man from India and a caterwauling kid in the background. We recommend listening to it more than once. If you survive the first round it gets more tolerable. Whereas the Dalits, untouchables, seem to learn a more standard English, the upper castes of India have their own little version of English, which is often akin to intensive torture to the American ear. American students have complained of an inability to understand their professors from Asia, including India – for many decades. This has been a problem in math and science, and the problem started moving into other fields a couple of decades ago.

Thank goodness that US Senator Durbin blocked S386 on the grounds that it would destroy immigration diversity. However, like Mike Lee and the entire US Senate, Durbin (and Duckworth) only seem to address the concerns of foreign workers and not of US citizens.

Duckworth says she doesn’t want to pit people against each other, but they want to pit more immigrants against the US worker. Bigger economy doesn’t necessarily mean jobs for US workers. We don’t need immigration, but if we are going to have immigration it needs to be diverse. Insanely, Durbin wants more permanent immigration (green cards). US immigration is entirely out of control, unsustainable, and at historic highs.

Persons naturalized as US citizens 1907 to 2017
In 2011-12 a mere 3.7% of all university students were foreign. Currently it is 5.5%. Why are the universities caterwauling about needing more green cards to keep foreign students then? There are almost certainly more foreign professors than foreign students in US universities after at least 50 years of foreigners robbing academic jobs from aspiring American professors and researchers. Perhaps American students, who are 94.5% of the student population, should stop attending universities until the United States promises to put them first – before foreign nationals on H1B or other visas.

Senator Durbin’s mother was born in Lithuania. Maybe he doesn’t understand that India has a population of over 1.3 billion – almost a fifth of the world’s population. Note that there are already more Asian-Indians living in the United States (4.4 million) than there are ethnic Lithuanians in the entire world: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lithuania Durbin’s father is supposedly Irish. There are more Asian-Indians living in the United States than there are ethnic Irish in Ireland.

In contrast there are 1,324,171,354 (2016 est.) people in India.
There are an additional 30,995,729 from India spread around the world:
India origin migrants can return back to four generations (great-great grandchildren) whereas most right of return ends by grandchildren for other peoples.

15.8% of foreign students are dependent on US college or university funding, and 0.2% are getting US government funding (2,597), according to the “open doors” report. This means they are actively taking money from US students and the US taxpayer. Click to Open Doors report through this link, which also gives percentage foreign students: https://learningenglish.voanews.com/a/number-of-international-students-coming-to-us-continues-to-drop/4657063.html

It is possible that the man said an MPA – Masters of Public Administration. But, if that is the case, then we need to really ask why he is here, where he is working, and how he got the money for three houses!

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