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Do you really want people here permanently who harass and harange Congress until they get their way? They aren’t even citizens yet. Imagine how arrogant they will be as citizens!
Americans call US Senator Durbin’s office at 202.224.2152 to oppose the run through of unaminous consent by the India Inc lobby. Demand extensive hearings on this important matter. #StopS386 and any related bills. Beware that there are other groups like “Support us all” which want a great greencard giveaway for all immigrants, which would remove any remaining sliver of employment hope for educated Americans.

Now that India’s Immivoice claims to have harassed George Senator Perdue into submission, they are targetting US Senator Durbin of Illinois to harass him into running through this removal of per country green card caps that will increase the US population from India by an estimated 1/3rd to 50% within a few years, turning the country into a subsidiary of India Inc. We have over twice as many people from India, already, than the UK who colonized India in the first place. Immivoice tweets: https://archive.li/m7Oxl

It will also increase the numbers of people from Mexico, and China, as well as India, by raising the per country green card extended family joining cap to 15%. There is no cap on immediate family.

Illinois or not call US Senator Durbin. He’s the committee head and this impacts the entire country, not just one state.