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The future is unwritten. #Stop S386; Stop unaminous consent; Demand Hearings; Most Americans don’t know what’s going on, but India does. Call US Senator Durbin:  202-224-2152.  Keep calling if you can’t get through.  Call again tomorrow too. At least you will block Immivoice-India Inc.’s harassment campaign. They claim to have cowed Senator Perdue into submission after launching a telephone harassment campaign. Immivoice tweets: https://archive.li/m7Oxl Do you really want people here permanently – and all their descendants after them – who harass and harangue Congress until they get their way? Send them home while you can, before they become permanent, and hire Americans instead! They aren’t even citizens yet! Imagine how arrogant they will be as citizens! Some of us have already experienced the arrogance of less qualified (or non-qualified) people from India, or with roots in India, who stole our academic funding and/or jobs. If you want people from India then bring in the poor Dalit, untouchables. At least bring in the persecuted and not the arrogant persecutors. Those trying to ram through this bill have thousands of years of experience persecuting their own citizens. Send home every member of Congress that supports S386, too.

Even if immigrants are as qualified, Americans need the right to work in our own country.  We need a country.  We can’t immigrate to India to work.  They don’t want immigrants who don’t have roots in India.

Americans call US Senator Durbin’s office at 202.224.2152 to oppose the run through of unaminous consent by the India Inc lobby. Demand extensive hearings on this important matter.

#StopS386 and any related bills. Beware that there are other groups like “Support us all” which want a great greencard giveaway for all “highly educated” immigrants, which would remove any remaining sliver of employment hope for educated Americans.

Now that India’s Immivoice claims to have harassed George Senator Perdue into submission, they are targetting US Senator Durbin of Illinois to harass him into running through this removal of per country green card caps that will increase the US population from India by an estimated 1/3rd to 50% within a very short time, turning the country into a subsidiary of India Inc. We have over twice as many people from India, already, than the UK who colonized India in the first place. We have no historic ties to India that we “owe” them anything.

What sort of “untouchable” do you want to be? An underclass in your own country? Or like the American untouchables who took down Al Capone? The reason that the USA cut off a lot of immigration ca 1920 was due to increasing bribery and corruption and the rise of the mafia. Apart from issue of culture, bribery and nepotism are a way of dealing with the sorts of scarcity (including jobs) that come from out of control immigration (and other overpopulation).

Trump is right that we are already full. However, he’s not going to veto this because one of his biggest donors is the head of the Republican Hindu lobby. Trump is nothing but a big fat fraud.