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India’s not our friend. They have long been a Soviet-Russian ally. They weren’t our friend during the Cold War and they aren’t our friend now. Why are we letting so many immigrate from India? Why is the US talking of giving almost ALL work related green cards to India via S386, and the balance to China? Call your Senators to oppose S386. They are also getting green cards via third countries in Europe and Canada. Don’t be fooled, either. These aren’t poor persecuted “persons of color” as they want you to believe. These are brown elites playing games with ignorant westerners. They are almost certainly behind the “persons of color” BS. Most of the immigrants from India are elite and dominant castes. Only very few are the persecuted Dalit untouchable groups. Any immigrants from India should be the persecuted Dalits. The elites are not our friends. They are not the friends of Dalits, either. There are dark skinned elites in India and light skinned untouchables. Don’t be fooled anymore! Read how India treats the Dalits. It will break the hardest heart. Any immigrants to the United States need to be the downtrodden and persecuted seeking safety, and not economic migrants, who steal jobs and constitute a potential homeland security threat. Most of our high level nuclear waste and nuclear power station dismantlement is being handled by private company Holtec and its apparent owner Kris Pal Singh, a migrant from India about which almost nothing is known. He does inform us in a brief bio that as a youth he read both Soviet and western propaganda in his local library. He seems to wax nostalgic about the caste system, suggesting he is upper caste. He hails from Bihar where upper caste abuses of Dalit are legendary. Stop Holtec! Stop S386!


From VOA News: “South & Central Asia
Pakistan, India Join Russia-Led Military Drills Despite Kashmir Tensions
By Ayaz Gul September 17, 2019 10:21 AM
ISLAMABAD – Pakistan and India are taking part in a multinational counterterrorism military drill in Russia notwithstanding escalating border tensions between the two South Asian nuclear-armed rival nations over their Kashmir territorial dispute.

The Pakistani army announced Tuesday the week-long ‘CENTER 2019’ exercise under the umbrella of China-led Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) has started in the Russian region of Orenburg.

“The exercise CENTRE aims at evolving drills of the participating armies in the fight against international terrorism ensuring security and stability in the region,” the military’s media wing said in a statement.

The SCO was established in Shanghai in 2001, with Russia, China, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan as its founding members.

Last year was the first time India and Pakistan had participated in the SCO anti-terror military drills, also hosted by Russia, after becoming full members of the organization in June 2017, though the two rivals have a history of working together under United Nations peacekeeping missions.

Pakistani and other troops stand in formation during joint military exercises of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) in Russia’s Orenburg region, in an image from video released by Pakistan Army’s media wing ISPR.

However, the current drill comes at a time of increased border tensions between India and Pakistan stemming from recent Indian actions in Kashmir, which both the countries claim in its entirety.

New Delhi abolished a constitutionally provided special autonomy for its administered part of the Himalayan region on August 5, placing millions of Kashmiris under a security lockdown and communications blackout, now into its seventh week, to suppress violent reaction protests.

Islamabad, which also controls a portion of Kashmir, denounced the crackdown and downgraded diplomatic as well as trade ties with New Delhi, demanding India reverse its controversial moves.

The dispute has sparked two wars between India and Pakistan and several limited conflicts since the two countries were partitioned by Britain in 1947,

Indian leaders defend their latest actions in Kashmir, saying they will improve security and bring economic prosperity to India’s only Muslim-majority state, where separatist armed groups have waged a violent insurgency for over three decades.

U.S. President Donald Trump says he has been in contact with leaders of both the countries to press them to ease their latest tensions.

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan and his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi will be traveling to New York later this month to address the U.N. General Assembly session.

“I’ll see prime minister Modi and we’ll be meeting with India and Pakistan (prime ministers), and I think a lot of progress has been made there. A lot of progress,” Trump told reporters on Monday. He did not elaborate further“. https://www.voanews.com/south-central-asia/pakistan-india-join-russia-led-military-drills-despite-kashmir-tensions

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