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Hurricane Dorian Updates here: https://www.nhc.noaa.gov
The current forecast has it centered south of Holtec Center and Kris Singh’s home, and north of Trump PB club (Mar-a-Lago). However, a hurricane isn’t a dot, as the NHC reminds us. The distance between Jupiter Island and Palm Beach is approximately 25 miles. One of Epstein’s homes is near Trump PB club (Mar-a-Lago), as well.

Hurricane Dorian (AL052019)
Advisory #24A
96 hr Forecast
Valid at: 2:00 AM AST September 03, 2019
Location: 26.9 N, -80.1 W
Maximum Wind: 115 knots (130 mph)
Wind Gusts: 140 knots (160 mph)

Holtec Center and Kris Singh’s home is mid-way between Trump PB club Mar-a-Lago (to the south) and St. Lucie nuclear power station (to the north). All three are on barrier islands. We must pray that St. Lucie nuclear power station is not too badly impacted, and that good people are spared. If Hurricane Dorian zaps bad people, there will be no complaints here. Of course, insurance will pay for any repairs to Kris Singh and Trump properties.

Location believed to be one of Kris and Martha Singh’s homes:
@ 27.03747335, -80.1052773
Jupiter Island, Florida, USA
Location exported from here: https://virtualglobetrotting.com/map/krishna-singhs-house/
This house is listed elsewhere as one of three houses in the area of Jupiter-Hobe for Martha Singh, Kris Singh’s wife. The general location is also listed as the location of one of Holtec’s Kris Singh’s homes. However, it’s always possible that they have moved, or that it’s a different house.

Holtec Center: https://archive.li/AcaTO

Mar-a-Lago location exported from here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mar-a-Lago