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DORIAN FORECAST TO STRENGTHEN INTO A MAJOR HURRICANE DURING THE NEXT COUPLE OF DAYS…” says National Hurricane Center. Updates here: https://www.nhc.noaa.gov

While the official NHC forecast shows it centered a bit north of Trump’s PB Mar-a-Lago club and the St. Lucie Nuclear Power Station, they don’t really know what it will do, apart from almost certainly hitting Florida. This link shows the different models: https://web.uwm.edu/hurricane-models/models/ https://web.uwm.edu/hurricane-models/models/al052019.png


St. Lucie Nuclear Power Station is on a barrier island to the north of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club. Hurricane Camille split Ship Island into two parts.

St. Lucie Nuclear Power Station
Look at the location of St. Lucie Nuclear Power Station! It is on a thin barrier island (sandbar) off of the mainland and surrounded by water! Hurricane Camille split Ship Island in two forming “Camille Cut” – 3.5 miles wide.

In 1969 Hurricane Camille made landfall with estimated sustained winds of up to 190 mph and gusts exceeding 230 mph. Camille had a storm surge of 24 to 28 ft, whereas St. Lucie Nuclear Power Station, which received a construction permit in 1970, supposes a wave runup of 17.2 ft and they estimate 100 year extreme winds of 120 mph, and supposedly have a design hurricane windspeed of 194 mph for the Class I Buildings (a definition which can’t be easily found, if at all, but is probably the reactor buildings). St. Lucie nuclear power station grade elevation is 18.5 feet and the minimum elevation of building openings is 19.5 ft.

In 1969, when Hurricane Camille made landfall, there were no nuclear power stations along the Gulf Coast. Nor were there nuclear power stations along the Florida coast. Thus, these nuclear power stations were built with full knowledge of the risks.

Hurricane Katrina had sustained winds of “merely” 120 mph but had a storm surge of 27 ft, or almost 10 feet above St. Lucie’s supposed wave runup, and which travelled 6 to 12 miles inland.

See more: https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2016/10/06/st-lucie-nuclear-power-station-built-on-a-barrier-island-post-hurricane-camille-nuclear-foolishness-matthew-warning/

Hopefully Hurricane Dorian doesn’t become Hurricane Corium.

Note that the red was added to the Trump tweet – just for fun – before it becomes illegal to poke fun.