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Holtec is privately owned; has a track record of bribery and corruption; has a track record of refusing to give important information to the US government. Now it is refusing to work with both state and local governments. We don’t know for sure who owns it, since it is privately owned. Presumably it belongs to Kris Pal Singh who is from India. Entergy is based in New Orleans; Entergy Nuclear in Mississippi.

US “Senator Warren Statement on NRC Plans to Proceed with the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant Decommissioning License Transfer
AUGUST 15, 2019
Boston, MA – United States Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) released the following statement today following news federal regulators at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) plan to approve the license transfer of the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station from Entergy Nuclear Operations, Inc. to Holtec International, as the plant is decommissioned:

“Members of the Plymouth community and beyond continue to ask important questions about the Pilgrim plant decommissioning. Until the Commonwealth and its residents have their concerns addressed appropriately, the Pilgrim plant should not be allowed to change hands.”

In October 2018, Senator Warren raised concerns about safety and lack of public input during Pilgrim’s shutdown last year and raised similar concerns regarding communications with local residents in her statement.https://www.warren.senate.gov/newsroom/press-releases/senator-warren-statement-on-nrc-plans-to-proceed-with-the-pilgrim-nuclear-power-plant-decommissioning-license-transfer

OCTOBER 31, 2018
Warren Presses Nuclear Regulatory Commission on Safety Concerns at Pilgrim Power Plant
Senator Calls for Stronger Oversight Following Reports of Unplanned Shutdowns, Equipment Problems
Text of the Letter (PDF)
Boston, MA – United States Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) today sent a letter to Kristine Svinicki, Chairwoman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), to reiterate her concerns regarding the safety operations at the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station (“Pilgrim”) in Plymouth, Massachusetts.  The senator’s letter, which marks the sixth time she has written to the NRC regarding Pilgrim’s safety concerns, comes amid reports that the plant has been powered down for a total of 57 days this year due to equipment problems. https://www.enterprisenews.com/news/20181009/plagued-by-shutdowns-pilgrim-losing-millions-in-its-final-year

Entergy Corporation, which owns the 46-year old Pilgrim plant, announced in 2015 that the plant would close in 2019 following the news that it had entered Column 4 of the NRC’s Oversight Process Action Matrix, the lowest safety designation a plant can receive without being required to shut down.  Earlier this month, in what was the latest in several shutdowns that have occurred at the plant this year alone, Pilgrim reportedly went into an unplanned automatic shutdown when a valve that regulates water flow into the reactor unexpectedly closed, causing a drop in reactor water level.  As of October 9, 2018, Pilgrim had been offline 57 days.

In her letter to the NRC, Senator Warren expressed concern with the NRC’s efforts to ensure safe operations at Pilgrim during its last full calendar year of operation, citing the recent 57-day shutdown at the plant.  The senator also noted that the plant is listed as the worst performed of the nation’s 98-reactor commercial fleet.

“Given Pilgrim’s status placement in Column 4 of the NRC’s Oversight Process Action Matrix… and it’s repetitive safety failures and unscheduled shut downs, it is deeply alarming that the NRC has not taken additional steps to ensure that Entergy is safely operating the Pilgrim plant,” wrote Senator Warren.

The senator also criticized the NRC for granting the plant several extensions and exemptions from implementing key safety measures such as cybersecurity updates, upgrades to vent systems, and emergency planning zone requirements. 

“Time and time again, the NRC have ignored critical discrepancies in safety measures and put Massachusetts residents at risk,” the senator continued. “The health and well-being of our constituents depends on the NRC’s commitment to establishing standards that keep plants functioning safety and to ensuring that operators continually meet those standards.”

The Senator called on the agency to step up its oversight of the Pilgrim plant and to address the continuing safety concerns before the plant closes in June 2019 and as it is decommissioned in 2020.  In February, Senator Warren joined Senator Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.) and Representative Bill Keating (D-Mass.) in sending a letter to the NRC expressing concern about Pilgrim’s decision not to preemptively shut down the reactor ahead of a severe snowstorm in early January.https://www.warren.senate.gov/download/20180212-letter-to-nrc-on-winter-storms-and-an-inspector-for-pilgrim

Now maybe everyone in Massachusetts can sit and think about why a state noted for love of books and education would sell a nuclear power station to states noted for their hate of books and education, i.e. Mississippi and Louisiana? Even the best universities in India are ranked around at or below Louisiana State University. Holtec continues to apply to import foreign workers, both temporary and permanent, and advertises little for the permanent positions: https://lcr-pjr.doleta.gov/index.cfm?event=ehLCJRExternal.dspQuickCertSearch