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The FBI, a US intelligence agency with jurisdiction abroad – probably the CIA, and British Intelligence officers, all believed that Robert Maxwell, the father of Jeff Epstein’s partner in crime, Ghislaine Maxwell, was a Soviet-Russian spy. If you read some of the FBI files, Maxwell appears to have sometimes pretended to Americans that he was British-born and implied that he was a British spy, rather than a Soviet one.

A few of the FBI pages on Robert Maxwell, found below, point to an East and West German nexus, which could easily tie together old Nazis, East German Stasi agents, Soviet KGB agents, former US OSS agents-CIA agents, and black-market criminals-mafia. Recall that the Stasi card of KGB agent Putin was recently found. Although the Soviet Union cut deals and a non-aggression pact with the Nazis, they switched to the allied side, toward the end of World War II, after they were doubled-crossed by Hitler. However, some people stayed on the Soviet side, while remaining in the west. From Czechoslovakia, Robert Maxwell could have been such a person. Nonetheless, based on the FBI file, it appears that he may have done so for monetary gain. The head of Nord Stream is a former Stasi agent, friend of Putin, Matthias Warnig. He also serves on the board of Rosneft.

This book review discusses Maxwell’s network: https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2019/08/15/robert-maxwell-israels-superspy-the-life-and-murder-of-a-media-mogul-book-review/

Robert Maxwell was in occupied Germany with the British, in Berlin, after World War II. William Barr’s father, Donald Barr, was also in Germany after the War, reportedly working in “denazification” of businesses.

Ian Robert Maxwell MC (10 June 1923 – 5 November 1991), born Ján Ludvík Hyman Binyamin Hoch, was a British media proprietor and Member of Parliament (MP). Originally from Czechoslovakia, Maxwell rose from poverty to build an extensive publishing empire.” He served in the British military during World War II. Afterwards, he was “attached to the Foreign Office” where “he served in Berlin during the next two years in the press section”. He was “naturalised as a British subject on 19 June 1946“. He married Elisabeth “Betty” Meynard, a French Protestant in 1945 and changed his name officially to Ian Robert Maxwell on 30 June 1948. He and his wife had nine children, including Ghislaine Maxwell. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Maxwell

Retyped from the FBI document, with CIA and Maxwell added for clarifty:
According to T-1 (the CIA), of known reliability, subject (Ian Robert Maxwell) and Kurt Wallersteiner, British citizens, business partners, are in contact with Russians in East Germany, who were prepared to facilitate trading by their companies with Eastern bloc countries in return for political and economic intelligence information regarding policies of the Western Powers, and the West German Government, in particular, towards East Germany; information regarding US and allied mililtary, political, and economic organizations in Germany; US and allied intelligence operations directed against the Soviet bloc; US contacts with underground movement in the USSR.  Maxwell and Wallersteiner’s contacts, travels, and activities in the US and Canada, 1954, set out.  East Coast INS and US Customs lookout placed for subject and Wallersteiner.  Physical description of Maxwell set out.  


This investigation is predicated upon the receipt of information from T-1, of known reliability, another Government Agency which has investigative jurisdiction abroad.  

According to T-1, of known reliability, Kurt Wallersteiner and Ian Robert Maxwell are partners in the firm Anglo-Continental Exchange, Ltd., of London, England.  T-1 stated that this is a scientific publishing and book-selling company.  T-1 stated that both Wallersteiner and Maxwell have been recruited by the Soviets for Espionage purposes.  

T-1 related that Maxwell and Wallersteiner were in contact with the Russians in East Germany, who were prepared to facilitate trading by their companies with Eastern bloc countries in return for certain intelligence information…” https://vault.fbi.gov/robert-maxwell/robert-maxwell-part-07-of-07/view

Blog text continues after the screen shots.


As William Barr was involved in covering up Iran-Contra, and part of the BCCI investigation, Robert Maxwell could be somehow involved with this. The BCCI worked with the KGB, as well as the CIA. However, Maxwell could have been involved with Iran-Contra.

Trump DOJ William Barr’s father, Donald Barr aided in “de-Nazifying companies and industry” and “investigated German industrialists and SS men who fled to South America” according to a tweeted screen shot of what is apparently a New York Daily News article from August 4, 1985: https://archive.li/nyoMk Donald Barr served in the OSS, which was the predecessor of the CIA, and probably served in the CIA, too.

William Barr “From 1973 to 1977, Barr was employed by the CIA, initially for a short period as a China analyst, then in the legislative affairs sectionhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Barr William Barr’s father, Donald was head of Dalton School from 1964-74: https://archive.li/https://www.nytimes.com/2004/02/10/nyregion/donald-barr-82-headmaster-and-science-honors-educator.html Jeffrey Epstein, taught at Dalton school from 1973-75, according to most sources. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dalton_School Another source claims he only went to work in the fall of 1974. Nonetheless, he was probably hired by Donald Barr. It is possible that he was hired to replace Donald Barr, in some way.

According to papers released by the British Foreign Office in 2003, British intel officers suspected that Maxwell was a Russian (Soviet) agent. His file at the UK National Archives is entitled “Captain Ian Maxwell“. In it are reports from the Information Research Department (IRD), which say that Maxwell is “a thoroughly bad character and almost certainly financed by Russia“. The dossier includes correspondence indicating that shortly after World War II, he was already considered a “suspicious figure“, when he worked for the allied British Control Commission in Berlin. In 1959, Digby Ackland, of the Information Research Department stated that “Capt Maxwell’s questionable activities have been brought to the notice of the Foreign Office on several occasions over the past 10 years“. See: “FO suspected Maxwell was a Russian agent, papers reveal”, By Lydia Bell, 02 Nov 2003, The Telegraph https://archive.li/tm0wD (NB: Unfortunately, we were unable to find the original foreign office documents online.)

Later in life, Robert Maxwell appears connected to Chabad-Lubavitch and helped to send Chernobyl area Jewish children to Israel. One of Maxwell’s last calls before he was found dead in November 5, 1991 was from Chabad-Lubavitch Rabbi Faizish Vogel. Maxwell was trying to get a collection of Chabad Lubavitch books released from the Moscow. There had been allegations of his being a Mossad agent, too: https://archive.li/BvPK4. But, an overlooked possibility is his working for “Nativ”, which has been sometimes described as a sort of Mossad for Soviet Jews. Chabad reportedly worked with “Nativ”. It has been alleged that Chabad houses serve as Mossad houses, as well. Jeff Epstein grew up in Sea Gate gated community on Coney Island, across from what is now, and probably was, a Chabad Lubavitch synagogue. Epstein’s maternal grandfather is Lithuanian Jewish. Chabad has roots in Lithuania. Ivanka Trump – Jared Kushner are Chabad members and Trump’s father, Fred Trump, was connected to Chabad through Sonny and Bunny Lindenbaum. Epstein’s parents supposedly didn’t go to school beyond 8th grad, yet married very late and had children very late. The father was born ca 1916 and mother 1918. They did not marry until 1952 and Epstein was born in 1953. The father was involved in “house-wrecking” which sounds very mafia. An anti-Chabad web site: http://www.chabad-mafia.com

Trump’s first wife, Ivana, was from Czechoslovakia, like Robert Maxwell. Ivana and Donald Trump married in 1977 and divorced in 1992. They had separated in early 1990. Her father had died in October 1990. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ivana_Trump The Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia was at the end of 1989: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Velvet_Revolution The Soviet Union was officially dissolved at the end of 1991: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dissolution_of_the_Soviet_Union

It appears that Trump’s inlaws acted as informants to the Czech secret police, who in turn worked with the KGB (where Putin used to work). They lived in Trump Tower for 6 months of the year, during the Cold War. And, his children stayed there for weeks at a time in the summer. It’s where they became hunters.

The archives also reveal a file named after Ivana’s father Miloš Zelníček, who was monitored by the StB. During a trip to the US for Ivana’s wedding Miloš Zelníček was subject to an StB-ordered search of his possessions at the airport, interpreted as a warning shot that cooperation was the only way such trips would be permitted in the future…. Records also suggest that after 1978 a so-called “operative file” was established on Ivana Trump, but researchers have yet to locate it….“. Excerpted from: “CZECHOSLOVAK SECRET POLICE FILES REVEAL INTEREST IN TRUMP COUPLE“, by Dominik Jůn 02-12-2016 http://www.radio.cz/en/section/curraffrs/czechoslovak-secret-police-files-reveal-interest-in-trump-couple

In “The Art of the Deal” Trump discusses getting a January 1987 letter for the Soviet Ambassador, Yuri Dubinin, saying that Goscomintourist, Soviet state agency for international tourism, was interested in a construction-management joint venture for a hotel in Moscow. Luke Harding, author of “Collusion” wonders why Trump? He says, citing Viktor Suvorov, and other former spies, that the KGB operated (Goscom)intourist. In Moscow everything was free, with parties and girls. The hotel rooms were under 24 hour surveillance. The operations were for long term future use. Once they were in positions of influence Soviet intel visited and said “Do you remember the marvelous time in Moscow? It was a wonderful evening. You were so drunk. You don’t remember? We just show you something for your good memory., ’” according to Suvorov. See: “The Hidden History of Trump’s First Trip to Moscow
In 1987, a young real estate developer traveled to the Soviet Union. The KGB almost certainly made the trip happen
. By LUKE HARDING November 19, 2017 Excerpted from the book “Collusion: Secret Meetings, Dirty Money, and How Russia Helped Donald Trump Win“, by Luke Harding http://web.archive.org/web/20180405121000/https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2017/11/19/trump-first-moscow-trip-215842

Looking at the timeline, one cannot help but wonder if the inlaws brought in money from the Soviet Union-Eastern Europe, which helped to prop up his casino-hotel.

According to the FBI, Robert Maxwell liked to stay in the Plaza Hotel, in the 1950s. The Plaza was later bought by Trump.

Trump Bankruptcy #1: The Trump Taj Mahal, 1991… Bankruptcy #2: Trump Plaza Hotel, 1992″. See: “Press Release – The Four Times Donald Trump Has Declared Bankruptcy” February 26, 2016 http://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/ws/index.php?pid=113191 http://www.documentcloud.org/documents/3120090-1991-US-Bankruptcy-Court-of-NJ-Trump-Taj-Mahal.html