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Kris Singh’s Holtec and Canada’s SNC Lavalin, who have been investigated, and may remain under investigation, for corruption and/or fraud, are now involved in decommissioning, Pilgrim, Palisades, Oyster Creek, and Indian Point nuclear power stations. People need to stay alert, as they should be very, very scared. Brand new news about this: https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2019/08/07/shares-of-holtec-nuclear-waste-dismantlement-partner-quebecs-snc-lavalin-dropped-to-lowest-level-since-2005-raising-fears-of-a-hostile-takeover-bid-by-foreign-investors/

See the entire 40 pages here: https://adamswebsearch2.nrc.gov/webSearch2/main.jsp?AccessionNumber=ML19218A262

Holtec is a privately held company, and no one knows much about it. And, yet it has a near monopoly on high level nuclear waste canisters for the United States; has used this to leverage its spread across the world; has bought up old nuclear power stations for dismantlement, and is apparently currently under investigation in New Jersey. It was previously disbarred by TVA for apparent bribery. Holtec has been criticized for the high priced, yet cheap quality (very thin-walled) canisters, for approximately two decades, and yet the US NRC has continued to give them quality related exemptions. Holtec refuses to provide needed information to the US government: “Holtec should not be able to use a highly regulated and publicly funded industry to make profits, but to refuse to provide information about the cask business when the information it possesses about cask costs are an integral part of the damages claimed by the plaintiff in this case.When faced with damages of the magnitude of those being claimed by ComEd, it is imperative that we determine the reasonableness of these claims against the Federal Treasury.”COMMONWEALTH EDISON COMPANY, Plaintiff, v. No. 98-621C Judge Hewitt UNITED STATES, Defendant, Case 1:98-cv-00621-ECH , Document 288 , Filed 03/12/2004“, Page 6 of 9 http://www.plainsite.org/dockets/download.html?id=14565388&z=24a65e24

TVA: https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2018/07/29/holtec-nuclear-waste-cans-kris-singh-apparent-bribery-and-allegation-of-bribery/

More recently there is a series: https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2019/07/04/meet-the-congressman-defending-questionable-tax-breaks-for-a-company-connected-to-his-rich-brother-holtec-nuclear-revealed/

Private petition re Holtec: https://www.change.org/p/holtec-international-holtec-show-good-faith-with-plymouth-and-surrounding-communities

No: 19-035 August 5, 2019
CONTACT: David McIntyre, 301-415-8200
Neil Sheehan, 610-337-5331

NRC to Conduct Public Webinar to Discuss Nuclear Power Plant Decommissioning, Community Advisory Board Best Practices

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission staff will present a webinar for interested members of the public on Aug. 8, regarding the decommissioning process for commercial nuclear power plants and to obtain feedback on community advisory boards.

The webinar, which will begin at 1 p.m. EDT, will be held in conjunction with a series of 11 public meetings [1] the NRC staff will be holding on the same topic during the next several months at locations across the country. Participants will be able to view slides prepared by NRC staff and ask questions both verbally and in writing via a webpage set up to host the session. Online registration [2] is required to participate.

Under Section 108 of the Nuclear Energy Innovation and Modernization Act, which became law on Jan. 14, 2019, the NRC is required to prepare a report for Congress on the best practices of community advisory boards in communities around decommissioning nuclear power plants. Both the webinar and the public meetings will help the NRC gather related information.

Additional information on NEIMA Section 108 activities is available on the NRC’s website. ”
[1] https://www.nrc.gov/docs/ML1917/ML19179A175.pdf
[2] https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/2089180245165145868
[3] https://www.nrc.gov/waste/decommissioning/neima-section-108.html

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Agency Activities in Response to a Portion of the Nuclear Energy Innovation and Modernization Act

Agency Activities in Response to a Portion of the Nuclear Energy Innovation and Modernization Act
Section 108 of the Nuclear Energy Innovation and Modernization Act (NEIMA), signed into law on January 14, 2019, requires the NRC to provide a report to Congress identifying best practices for establishing and operating local community advisory boards to foster communication and information exchange between a decommissioning licensee and the local community.

The contents of this report, scheduled to be issued to Congress by June 2020, will include:

* a description of the type of topics that could be brought before a community advisory board;

* how the board’s input could inform the decision-making process of stakeholders for various decommissioning activities;

* how the board could interact with the NRC and other Federal regulatory bodies to promote dialogue between the licensee and affected stakeholders; and

* how the board could offer opportunities for public engagement throughout all phases of the decommissioning process.

The report will also include a discussion of the composition of existing community advisory boards and best practices identified during the establishment and operation of such boards, including logistical considerations, frequency of meetings, and the selection of board members.

Public Meetings

In developing a best practices report, and as required by NEIMA, the NRC plans to consult with host States, communities within the emergency planning zone of a nuclear power reactor, and existing local community advisory boards.  This consultation also includes a minimum of 10 public meetings to be held in locations that ensure geographic diversity across the United States, with priority given to States that (i) have a nuclear power reactor currently undergoing the decommissioning process; and (ii) request a public meeting under this provision of NEIMA.  At these public meetings, the public will be invited to participate by providing comments and asking questions.

On March 18, 2019, a Federal Register notice (FRN) was issued (84 FR 9841) seeking stakeholder input to inform the selection of public meeting locations. The comment period for requests for a public meeting conducted in accordance with NEIMA closed on April 17, 2019. The NRC staff has evaluated all requests based on the criteria outlined in NEIMA and has determined that meetings will be held near the following 11 nuclear power plants, listed alphabetically:

* Crystal River (Florida)
* Diablo Canyon (California)
* Humboldt Bay (California)
* Indian Point (New York)
* Kewaunee (Wisconsin)
* Oyster Creek (New Jersey)
* Palisades (Michigan)
* Pilgrim (Massachusetts)
* San Onofre (California)
* Vermont Yankee (Vermont)
* Zion (Illinois)

The meetings will be held from August through October.  Additional details regarding each meeting, including dates and specific locations, will be published on this webpage at a later date.

The staff will also conduct a webinar on Thursday, August 8, 2019, from 1-3 p.m. EDT to give individuals in other areas of the country an opportunity to provide comments.  Additional webinar information, including a registration link, is available in the public meeting notice. https://www.nrc.gov/pmns/mtg?do=details&Code=20190777
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See additional information, such as “Frequently asked questions” here: https://www.nrc.gov/waste/decommissioning/neima-section-108.html
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