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Remember to call your US Senators! The Senate is in session this week, and we don’t know when they will vote on this, so call ASAP!

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Contact your Senators to Oppose Senate Bills S386, S2091, S328, S1744 and any similar bills. Make sure they mark down the numbers, along with your opposition. Contact the Immigration Subcommittee chairs and ask for a fair hearing and debate. The House sneaked its version (HR1044) through in 3 days with virtually no debate: https://www.senate.gov/senators/How_to_correspond_senators.htm
Schedule links here to help follow status: https://www.senate.gov/reference/Index/Calendars_schedules.htm https://www.senate.gov/legislative/calendars.htm
Immigration Subcommittee on the Judiciary: https://www.judiciary.senate.gov/about/subcommittees/subcommittee-on-border-security-and-immigration Another way to track: https://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/116/s386
A link showing committee meetings: https://www.senate.gov/committees/hearings_meetings.htm

If your Senator is a sponsor, ask why, while expressing your opposition! Chances are your response will be in a BS form letter. However, it’s fun to ask!

After calling your Senators, spread the word to your family and friends; tweet, and write! But, first call your two Senators, and the subcommittee chairs!

Rep. Paul Gosar, DDS @RepGosar
Last night the House passed a Green Card…

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