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“Hyde-Smith objected to a second attempt by Democrats to use unanimous consent to pass legislation requiring campaigns to report any offers of foreign assistance or information to federal authorities… The Democratic proposal (S.1247) would expand prohibited expenditures to include ‘any information regarding any of the other candidates for election for that office that is not in the public domain and which could be used to the advantage of the campaign of the candidate.” https://archive.li/TY8j4
However, we must understand that current policy doesn’t guarantee that those with green cards or citizenship have the best interest of the country in mind. Unlike the USA, most countries allow dual citizenship or priority in right of return for multiple generations. Contact your Senators to Oppose Senate Bills S386, S2091, S328, S1744 and any similar bills. India was an ally of the USSR and remains an ally of Russia. The US “owes” India NOTHING. The UK may or may not but we fought a revolution against the UK. https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2019/07/25/urgent-oppose-us-senate-bills-removing-green-card-permanent-resident-country-caps-increasing-per-country-family-joining-caps-increasing-green-card-giveaway

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Update correction: Umesh Sanjanwala gave $57,077.28 to Hyde-Smith for her 2011 campaign, not $57,077.[1] Why the twenty-eight cents? This suggests that the money may have been converted from something other than dollars.
Her campaign paid $1000 disbursement to him for unknown purposes.[2]

It seems that some Asian-Indians, such as Umesh Sanjanwala, know how to get ahead in life. Those who come from countries, such as India, with high levels of bribery are at an unfair advantage, compared to honest Americans. At the time, the donation given by Umesh Sanjawala appears to have been legal in Mississippi. This is known as patronage. How much nepotism (hiring of kin and friends) has or will follow, especially if Hyde-Smith stays in the US Senate?

At the end of 2010, Umesh Sanjawala was a Systems Manager II making approximately $75,366 at the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce. When Cindy Hyde Smith ran for…

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