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Rocco Morabito is still at large, after escaping a prison in Uruguay.

Rocco Morabito, member of the ‘Ndrangheta cartel (Calabrian mafia), was arrested in Uruguay for mafia type association and international drug trafficking. He was awaiting extradition back to Italy, when he escaped from prison. He has been wanted in Italy since 1995 for cocaine trafficking and its distribution in Milan, and was on an Interpol most wanted list.

As of last week, Uruguay is detaining, for 90 days, a Russian citizen, who helped Morabito in his escape from prison. Morabito escaped on June 23rd, and is still at large. Paola Vitale, lawyer for the Russian defendant, confirmed that his client and two others – one Italian and one Russian – helped Morabito escape. However, he claimed that they only knew Morabito as a pizzeria client. Surveillance cameras show that, after escaping, Morabito travelled first by taxi to the pizzeria Eatalian Style of Punta Carretas, and then left by private car towards Lavalleja.

The Economic and Complex Crimes prosecutor, Ricardo Lackner, had requested 120 days of preventive detention for the Russian. The Russian has lived in Uruguay for five years. Judge Blanca Rieiro ruled that the 90-day period would be enough time to investigate further. The prosecutor is investigating Morabito’s escape using the hypothesis of “public corruption”. The Russian consul was present during the hearing at the request of the defense. Whether or not other people collaborated with Morabito’s escape and any involvement by police officers or prison workers, whether by omission, negligence, or complicity is to be investigated.

The defendant, Sergey Y., is owner of the pizzeria restaurant, and the two others who were arrested but released have been reported as Alex B., pizza maker, and Irina T., chef and sister of Sergei’s ex-wife.

It was suggested after the raid, and confirmed by neighborhood residents, that the pizzeria had few diners and was almost bankrupt. However, the defense claimed that on weekends, Friday and Saturday, business was good.

The still detained Russian, Sergei Y., alleged that he was pressured to help Morabito escape. However, the Prosecutor’s Office believes that Morabito and Sergei have closer ties and may have illegal business together.

On the night of June 23, “the Cocaine King of Milan” managed to escape from a prison in Uruguay, where he had been awaiting his extradition to Italy for almost two years. Morabito was facing a prison sentence of over 30 years in Italy. Morabito is a member of ‘Ndrangheta, a powerful Italian mafia that has been making advances in Latin America since the 90s. The ‘Ndrangheta mafia is accused of controlling up to 80 percent of the cocaine trade in Europe. Morabito was responsible for the transportation of drug shipments to Italy from South America, as well as internal transportation and distribution in Milan. The mafia boss escaped, along with three other incarcerated foreigners, by opening a hole that gave them access to the roof and subsequently the outside of the prison. However, the escape was not recorded by any of the prison’s cameras, as these had been removed two days prior. The breakout also failed to be thwarted despite intelligence reports, which warned as of last year that Morabito was offering $80,000 to officers who would help him to escape. Mary González, director of the former Central Prison, also failed to warn of the need to transfer Morabito despite being told of the absence of adequate security conditions.  The Italian government did not wait to respond. Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, spoke out against the escape, calling it “serious and disconcerting,” especially as preliminary investigations have stated it would have been impossible for Morabito to have escaped without complicity of prison officials.  For now, the scandal has led to the resignation of Uruguay’s director of prisons, Alberto Gadea, and administrative procedures begun against some of the prison officials involved” [1]

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On another Italy-Russia connection:
Italy probes ties between Salvini’s Lega party and Russia — reports
Prosecutors in Milan were looking into alleged payments from Russia to Matteo Salvini’s Lega party, Italian media reported. Salvini has denied taking “a rouble” from Russia and threatened to sue those claiming otherwise…
https://www.dw.com/en/italy-probes-ties-between-salvinis-lega-party-and-russia-reports/a-49554133-0 A representative of Lega, named Lombardi, lives in Trump Tower. Interesting coincidence, or not, that Pelosi’s Italian born mother’s maiden name is Lombardi. There are, of course, many Lombardis in Italy. There is even a Lega politician in the region that her parents are from who shares her surname – D’Alessandro. D’Alessandro is a less common name than Lombardi. On Lombardi in Trump Tower, etc., see: https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2018/06/09/new-italian-prime-minister-has-connections-to-russia-and-trump/

We found out about the Russian helping Morabito escape because looking at Trump and Kellyanne Conway’s Italian mafia connections, we started wondering about Putin’s connection to the Italian mafia. We have read that the Italian mafia fears the Russian mafia, but what if it is the opposite? ‘Ndrangheta is considered one of the most vicious mafias, however. Sacra Corona Unita may be worse.