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Mining Awareness +

West Point is just half an hour north up the highway from Brooksville Mississippi where Attorney Antonio Moore’s mother comes from. It’s important for everyone to listen to his almost 13 minute video about Kamala Harris: http://youtu.be/5JJHK4PQhBk

Brooksville Mississippi (pop. 1182) is still a world apart from the elite upper upper class anglophone Westmount suburb of Montreal – home to the Bronfman and Molson families – where Kamala Harris grew up with her Asian Indian mother. Her mother worked as a researcher at Montreal’s Jewish Hospital.

Mr. Moore explains that while it’s fine for Kamala Harris to run for President, and be judged on her merits, that it’s wrong for her to try to appropriate the identity of Black American descendants of slaves. Her mother is Asian-Indian. Whether or not her father’s ancestors were slaves is unclear, and Jamaica isn’t the United States. Her father, and mother, were both born…

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