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So many indigenous Scots were forced out of this region, simply for the French Gov owned EDF and the UK gov to make it a nuclear wasteland? If they don’t want the land, why not welcome the exiles home!


Cracks have been found on approximately 400 graphite bricks in the reactor core.
The following is a letter from a member of Radiation Free Lakeland to EDF.
Please do write your own letter asking EDF not to start the Hunterston B nuclear reactors in Scotland.
You can contact EDF by various ways – write, phone, email but let them know that starting cracked reactors is knowingly putting the population in danger of a serious nuclear accident.
Here is the letter……
“I write to ask you that the Hunterston B reactors are not restarted. I have watched the date of their restarts being pushed back and back and it is now showing to be 24th June for Reactor 4 and the 31st July for Reactor 3.
Hunsterston B has been running since my 10th Birthday, 6th February 1976 which means the Reactors have been producing electricity for…

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