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California, New Mexico, Nevada don’t want nuclear waste, so some have brought up the idiotic idea from the 1950s of putting the n-waste in salt domes. This post pre-dates the WIPP rad waste disaster.

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Salt Domes: A Good Location for Nuclear Wastes?

November 7, 2013 Louisiana Collapsing Salt Dome-Sinkhole

The currently imploding Louisiana Salt Dome Sinkhole has been of keen interest to us in part due to years of claims – still ongoing- that salt domes were a good place to store radioactive waste — one of the many primitive plans which never seemed to stand up to good sense (apparently no longer common). The salt dome sinkhole is currently around 26 acres (10.5 ha) and the owner, Texas Brine, believes that it will double to 54 acres (21.8 ha). Meanwhile there is risk of a natural gas explosion as well. And, yes, it has radioactive NORM waste too.

Currently neighboring Mississippi appears on a hit-list for salt dome nuclear waste repositories. Is it because Mississippi is the poorest state? The next to lowest educational levels? Or is it because it has the largest…

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