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I told Atty Gen. Barr this morning that his prior testimony was purposely misleading. It’s now clear, despite Barr’s prior denials before Congress, that Barr knew that Mueller had serious concerns about Barr’s insufficient and misleading 4-page summary of Mueller’s report. (US Senator Patrick Leahy, 1:00 PM · May 1, 2019 https://archive.li/w17ko )

I was left in disbelief when AG Barr told me Trump “fully cooperated” with Mueller, when Trump refused to be interviewed, & Mueller documented NUMEROUS TIMES TRUMP TRIED TO SHUT DOWN THE INVESTIGATION. That undermines investigations EVERYWHERE and is beneath Mr. Barr’s office“. (US Senator Patrick Leahy, 1:02 PM · May 1, 2019)

It was extraordinary that Atty. Gen. Barr couldn’t even acknowledge to me that it was troubling that the Trump campaign was receptive to offers of assistance from Russia. REALLY? All Americans should agree that foreign adversaries have no place in our elections“. (US Senator Patrick Leahy 1:04 PM · May 1, 2019)