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“To discharge its distinct constitutional and statutory responsibility, the Committee must be kept “fully and currently informed” of the intelligence and counterintelligence findings, evidence, and implications of your investigation.  This requires that the Committee receive comprehensive testimony from you about the investigation’s full scope and areas of inquiry, its findings and underlying evidence, all of the intelligence and counterintelligence information gathers in the course of the investigation, and the status of any ongoing counterintelligence investigation”. (US House Intel Committee letter to Mueller).

US House Intel Chair Schiff tweets:
Apr 18
Regardless of whether the obstructive acts described by Mueller was criminal or whether the litany of illicit contacts with Russia rose to the level of conspiracy, they’re dishonest, unethical, and unpatriotic.

Mueller’s report is not a vindication of Trump, but a condemnation.

The House Intelligence Committee has formally invited Special Counsel Mueller to testify on the counterintelligence investigation.

After a two year investigation, the public deserves the facts, not Attorney General Barr’s political spin.”