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US Senator Blumenthal statement on the Mueller report:
This report is a detailed, deeply damning portrait of criminal wrongdoing & national scandal. President Trump & his associates sold out our democracy & welcomed help through Russia’s illegal actions during the 2016 campaign. When federal law enforcement came too close to the truth, he tried to shut them down. The report makes clear that President Trump lied repeatedly to mislead the American people & halt the machinery of justice.

Attorney General Barr has disgracefully weaponized the Mueller Report for apparent political gain. Attorney General Barr’s actions are a betrayal of his oath of office, our Constitution, & the American people.

I will support a subpoena for the full, un-redacted Mueller Report. Only complete disclosure is acceptable. Special Counsel Mueller & his team must testify before Congress about the findings of their investigation. Attorney General Barr should never have been allowed to unilaterally set the narrative for the Special Counsel’s report. My Special Counsel Transparency Act would have required full disclosure from the start so the American people could evaluate the full factual findings for themselves.”

Searchable file but huge pdf – something like 132 or 133 MB: https://cdn.cnn.com/cnn/2019/images/04/18/mueller-report-searchable.pdf