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US Senator Blumenthal was Attorney General of Connecticut for many years. He has this to say about Trump AG William Barr’s summary:
The American people deserve the Mueller report, not just the Barr report. Indeed, this set of summary conclusions hardly constitutes a report.

According to the Attorney General, the Special Counsel concluded that the evidence fell short of a prosecutable criminal conspiracy, which involves a high bar of proof beyond a reasonable doubt— but reached no such conclusion on the obstruction of justice issue.

On obstruction of justice, the Special Counsel tossed a jump ball, & the Attorney General tipped it to President Trump, but shared none of the information supporting his conclusion.

The need for transparency & full disclosure is even more urgent now.

We need to know all of the underlying evidence concerning any wrongdoing that occurred, not just the Attorney General’s conclusions.

Key questions remain about whether Donald Trump was compromised as a candidate & is now as President of the United States.

Ongoing investigations in other federal prosecutorial offices as well as the FBI’s counterintelligence inquiry must be supported.

Now Congress must demand transparency & full disclosure—moving forward to protect the rule of law & our democratic institutions.” https://www.facebook.com/SenBlumenthal/posts/2371268589570150


Update: Blumenthal says that lack of sufficient evidence to prove collusion could be due to obstruction. link to Ari Melber interview with Blumenthal @ ca 28.15 min on MSNBC https://youtu.be/u8U5Vjd4Gug