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The three Fukushima “reactors thru their unstopped meltdown are still constantly releasing radionuclide loaded gases into the open air, into the environment, distributed by winds locally and even far away… the 20 plus incinerators operating in Fukushima prefecture…are also redistributing radioactive particles into the air, into the environment.” (Radioactive water is discharged to the ocean, as well.)


50525863_2037682409663380_159848417785282560_oMarch 11, 2019

Every year since year 2011, at this time of the year when the anniversary of  the Fukushima nuclear disaster comes, I feel angry, tired and depressed.

First for the unwillingness to learn and to change. How many nuclear disasters have already happened and how many more will need to happen for people to finally learn and bring vital changes.

Also because when a disaster occurs it is suddenly hot news, everybody getting excited, thrilled with its sensationalism, some even exploiting it by turning it into fear porn. Then with time passing by, when it is not hot news anymore but becomes a cold old news, people kinda forget about it. They only remember it again just when its anniversary comes. But for the people on location, in Fukushima, everyday is a Fukushima anniversary, they have to live with it.

An American antinuclear friend of mine recently talking…

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