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Today we remember the catastrophe at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear station, and the fact that this is a continuing disaster for that local area, for Japan, and for the world.  Eight years later, Fukushima nuclear wreck is still resulting in mounting tons of radioactive water, with no solution in sight. Japan continues its  culture of cover-up and denial about this national tragedy. An indigenous leader continues the fight for the truth on Fukushima’ s radioactive impact on the world, and condemns the University of California, for its role in the cover-up and denial of the seriousness of the situation. Eight Years on, the Fukushima  disaster still poses health risks“Recovery Olympics” does not impress everyone.

Nuclear insanity – education is desperately needed to alert the world to the nuclear weapons danger.  IAEA calls for more funding for its safeguards activities. The very dubious “market” for Small Modular…

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