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Engie owns 9% of Russia’s Nord Stream 2 project. Engie is almost one quarter (24%) French State owned. The French State has over a third (35%) of voting rights. The CEO of Nord Stream is former East German Stasi agent-friend of Putin, Matthias Warnig. Apart from the Russian government, and France, German corporations, and a Dutch corporation are invested in Nord Stream 2: OAO Gazprom (51.0 percent), Wintershall Holding GmbH (15.5 percent), PEG Infrastruktur AG, a subsidiary of E.ON Beteiligungen (15.5 percent), N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie, (9.0 percent), ENGIE (9.0 percent). These companies should be boycotted.

Why is Trump apparently opposed to Nord Stream 2? Almost certainly because his friend, Carl Icahn, owns a large part of Cheniere LNG facility. However, Trump advisor; corporate raider, purchaser of Trump Taj casino, Carl Icahn also has a joint venture with KAMAZ, FEDERAL-MOGUL Naberezhnye Chelny. https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1419581/000162828016011881/fdml-2015123110xk.htm US Sec.gov raised concerns to Icahn enterprises re KAMAZ dealings with “terrorist” states: https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/813762/000081376214000048/filename1.htm While Carl Icahn recently sold Federal Mogul to Tenneco, he now owns Tenneco shares, so appears to still be involved in Russia.

Stop Nord Stream 2
MEPs praise Ukraine for good cooperation in the energy sector and its achievements in the areas of energy efficiency and renewables, while pointing out the need to continue to reform, particularly in the gas and electricity market. With Ukraine playing a crucial role in the European energy supply network, MEPs condemn the construction of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline which bypasses Ukraine, “as it is a political project that poses a threat to European energy security”. They therefore call for it to be cancelled.”

A divisive project: Nord Stream 1 already led to political tensions between Member States, amplifying cleavages between Western European countries that supported the project, and Central European Member States, which viewed it as a Trojan Horse – a tool for economic and political dominance by Russia and a way to undermine the region’s diversification efforts. Nord Stream 2 again represents a major potential factor of division and therefore challenges the Energy Union project.

• Little justification: Looking at Nord Stream 2 from a common EU perspective, it is a project with neither economic rationale, nor strong political backing. There is no clear indication on how it would enhance the diversity of EU energy supply, whether in terms of energy sources, suppliers or routes, as it would lead to a concentration in the Baltic corridor. The construction of Nord Stream 2 would also impact the coherence of the EU’s foreign policy, in particular towards Ukraine, and given the ongoing economic sanctions towards Russia.” Excerpted from: “Nord Stream 2 – Divide et Impera Again? Avoiding a Zero-Sum Gamehttps://ec.europa.eu/epsc/sites/epsc/files/epsc_-_nord_stream_-_divide_et_impera_again.pdf

Nord Stream 2 ownership
OAO Gazprom
(51.0 percent)
Wintershall Holding GmbH
(15.5 percent)
PEG Infrastruktur AG, a subsidiary of E.ON Beteiligungen
(15.5 percent)
N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie
(9.0 percent)
(9.0 percent)

Almost 24% of Engie is French State owned and the French State has almost 35% voting rights https://archive.li/tGTK8

Engie https://archive.li/tGTK8

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