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Not just safety of the skies is in danger, but safety on the ground, if planes crash. This is what happens when you leave a de facto enemy foreign agent as head of state. Chaos and danger; the war within. Those who failed to start the impeachment process from day one of Trump’s presidency are complicit. Impeachment is a slow process.  The FBI should have arrested him before he was even a candidate due to his mafia connections. And, they could have tried to arrest him even as President. Arrest him, see what happens and let the courts sort it out. Mueller has been too slow. He knew enough from day 1. Trump’s other agenda may be to privatize air traffic control: https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2019/01/12/trumps-air-traffic-privatization-plan-would-sell-out-americas-airspace-us-air-traffic-by-numbers-2/

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