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According to the spokesperson of the Syrian Democratic Forces, Kino Gabriel, attacks by ISIS have increased over the last days. This appears related to Trump’s announcement that he will promptly withdraw US troops.
News Release from Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) http://sdf-press.com/en/ (NB: there appear some translation problems. The entire statement is more clear than the intro. Apparently the first sentence of the intro should read “made clear” rather than “made sure” or “made sure that it is understood that”)
Gabriel: The American Decision Of Withdrawal Affected On The War Against Isis Sdf1 December 24, 2018
The spokesman of SDF (Kino Gabriel) made sure that the decision, related to the American forces’ withdrawal from the Syrian zone, has affected directly on the military actions against ISIS which its attacks have been increased in last days. Kino congratulated the Syrian people for the new year’s occasions, where he wished the safety and stability to the Syrian people especially the Assyrian, Syriac and all the Christians in Syria and all over the world, wishing that the new year would be full of safety, goodness and happiness for all Syrians.

Here is the statement content:
SDF is continuing its military operations against the ISIS terrorists in the Euphrates river area, as part of the war against the terrorism, where our forces could in last period resist the attacks done by ISIS terrorists, they could go forward in three axis during the fighting to liberate Hajin and surrounding areas.

The clashes that our forces did in this axis led to killing dozens of terrorists and destroyed a number of military vehicles and arrested some terrorist members, however our special forces swept the area and discovered many of the weapons warehouses, and explosive cars.

The operations are going on supported by the international coalition, via artillery shells and airstrike that left 297 vehicle and location of ISIS terrorist organization, and caused killing 245 of terrorists.
The decision of American withdrawal from the Syrian zone has effected directly our military operations to resist the ISIS terrorists organization, whom attacks were increased against our forces in last days, however, this decision will affect the trace of the military operations, and will affect the stability and safety that the areas of north and east of Syria live, in case any raid or attack occurs, whether attempting by ISIS to return its power, moving some hidden groups or applying the Turkish threatening of attacking our home.

However, more than 4 million are exposed to the danger of massive displacement escaping from possible genocide, especially that violation seen and race cleansing that occurred in Afrin is clear for all, even though we will continue in our operations with international coalition, continue the training and maintain the stability and security as long as this partnership is continues.

We seize the opportunity of this occasion to wish safety and peace on all the Syrian people, especially our Syriac, Assyrian and all Christians of Syria and world. As new year occasions are coming, we wish the new coming year to be a happy good year for all Syrian get represented with strong home for all the components on the basis of freedom democracy, justice and equality. We express on our deep worries about this sensitive period that our country pass with the threatening and dangerous escalation, behind the border, moreover, we ask the international society in general the international coalition to commit to their responsibilities, and avoid our people with all the components  from being returned to the war and fighting, we ask all sides to depend on dialog language

Wishing soon recovery for our wounded fighters
Glory for our martyrs
Democracy and freedom for all Syrians.
SDF-media center
SDF spokesman

This article explains that Kino Gabriel is Christian.
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