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Man tracing a name on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial wall in Washington, DC. https://www.nps.gov/vive/index.htm. For those who are unable to go to Washington, there are replicas, which tour the country.

Cindy Hyde Smith’s bus tour started on October 20th in Covington County [1], which is in south central Mississippi. A replica of the Vietnam Memorial Wall was set up in Flora, Mississippi, northeast of Jackson, in central Mississippi, and the opening ceremony was October 25th. [2]

But, where was Cindy Hyde-Smith? She dropped her tour to go see Ivanka Trump for an invitation-only, closed to the public, event on the Mississippi Gulf coast on October 25th, rather than attending the opening of the Vietnam Memorial Wall! Ivanka apparently came with little notice. [3] Bringing the Vietnam Memorial Wall to Flora would have been scheduled well in advance.

Flora is roughly mid-way between the Gulf Coast and Memphis. But, Hyde-Smith went from seeing Ivanka on the coast on Thursday, directly to the extreme opposite end of the state, to meet with the North Mississippi Board of realtors near Memphis on Friday the 26th. [5]

According to Ryan Walters (10-27-18), Hyde-Smith was to speak on Saturday (the 27th) and lay a wreath at the replica Vietnam Veterans Memorial wall, but was a no-show. Furthermore, he said that she failed to tell the event organizers that she wouldn’t show. Rather, she sent Umesh Sanjawala. Walters says that her Republican opponent, Chris McDaniel went to the event. [4]

Instead, on Saturday the 27th, Hyde Smith went to a Jam and Biscuits in Union County (New Albany)[4][5], in northeast Mississippi, and to a Lafayette County Fish Fry in the evening. [5]

US Senator John McCain, in an interview on October 18, 2017, stated about the Vietnam War that “we drafted the lowest income level of America and the highest income level found a doctor that would say they had a bone spur”, referring to Trump, without calling his name. “That is wrong”, he said. See: https://www.c-span.org/video/?435879-1/senator-john-mccain-reflects-vietnam-war-career-2017

Meanwhile, Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant, who appointed Hyde-Smith Senator, was in Switzerland: https://archive.is/a5nD7 He was more recently in Israel, meeting with Trump’s buddy, Israeli PM Netanyahu, in Jerusalem, on November 20th. It was his third visit with Netanyahu: https://archive.is/VZ2l8

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