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Probably most people don’t recall, or never knew, that the President of the Confederacy (CSA), Jefferson Davis, was a sitting US Senator who resigned and one month later became President of the Confederacy.


Thus, it is mind-blowing that the desk is occupied by the senior US Senator from Mississippi – now Roger Wicker. This is disrespectful to the United States, and it is disrespectful to the 38% of Mississippians who are African Americans. Anyone choosing to occupy this US Senate desk should be impeached for disloyalty to the United States. The exception would be if an African American Senator chose to sit at this desk.

The 1995 Senate resolution, giving them priority to choose the desk, was passed under a Republican Senate led by Bob Dole of Kansas. This corresponded to the rise of the Neo-Confederate “League of the South“: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/League_of_the_South

Those who wish to glorify the Confederacy, like Cindy Hyde-Smith, and apparently Roger Wicker, have no place in the US Senate. They should be impeached for even asking for this desk, as it symbolizes disloyalty to the country.

We predict that Hyde-Smith and Wicker will eventually be found to be traitors to the United States. It is doubtful that a corrupt Republican Senate will impeach them, however.

Hyde-Smith was appointed as interim US Senator by Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant, who is known to be connected to Russia through the Brexit Boys and Haley Barbour, as well as Trump. Wicker was appointed interim Senator by then Governor Haley Barbour, who is connected to Russia and Russian oligarchs through BGR Group. Why is Trump pushing so hard for Hyde-Smith?

Trump is having a rally for Hyde-Smith in Biloxi, where Jefferson Davis lived at the end of his life, and where – strangely – he has a huge “Presidential” library. Biloxi is/was also home to the Dixie Mafia.

Jefferson Davis: A Featured Biography
Born in Kentucky in 1808 and raised in Mississippi, Jefferson Davis graduated from West Point in 1828. Following brief service in Congress and military duty in the war with Mexico, he served as secretary of war (1853-1857) under Franklin Pierce. In that post he oversaw the construction of the new Senate and House wings of the U.S. Capitol. Davis returned to the Senate in 1857, on the eve of the Civil War, and witnessed some of the most dramatic events in Senate history. As talk of secession filled the Senate Chamber, Davis joined the “Committee of Thirteen” to seek compromise and avoid war. When Mississippi left the Union, however, Davis resigned. He bid farewell to the United States Senate on January 21, 1861. A month later, he became president of the Confederacy. Captured by Union troops in 1865, Davis was indicted for treason and imprisoned for two years. He died in New Orleans in 1889.

Wicker was appointed to fill Trent Lott’s position in 2007: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roger_Wicker#Appointment

Roger Wicker’s campaign couldn’t even spell Mississippian – the folks he’s supposed to represent. https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2018/11/06/roger-wicker-for-us-senate-from-mississippi-cannot-spell-mississippian-senator-wicker-could-help-mississippis-brain-drain-by-hiring-educated-mississippians/

While Biloxi has a large arena, there are other venues in Mississippi, which are almost as big, and more centrally located. Trump apparently fears the true heart of Mississippi, which has a lot of African Americans, and is holding his rallys for Hyde-Smith at the two extreme margins of the state – near Tennessee and Alabama in the north, and on the Gulf coast, closer to Louisiana and Alabama than to much of Mississippi.