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Melania succeeded in firing Mira Ricardel, whose father escaped Communist Yugoslavia, where Melania grew up as the child of a Communist Party member. Mira’s wikipedia page was updated today, probably by Melania-Russian troll(s), with defamatory allegations about Mira’s father. Communist-raised Melania had the US Taxpayer pay $95,000 for a hotel in Egypt that she didn’t even spend the night in. Mira appears to have objected to Melania’s excesses in Africa. Dictatorship is all that Melania knows. She’s Haiti’s Mrs. Duvalier redux. It is unlikely that the $95,000 included the tour.

First Lady Melania Trump, joined by Sherry Carlin, USAID Director and Dr. Mostafa Waziri, Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, participates in a walking tour of the Sphinx and the Giza Pyramids Saturday, Oct. 6, 2018, in Cairo, Egypt. (Official White House Photo by Andrea Hanks)

Mira Ricardel’s father escaped Communist Yugoslavia, whereas Melania’s father was a Yugoslav Communist Party member, and possibly a Nazi before that. Recall that Melania’s surname is German Knauss. Mira was singularly well placed to out things that Melania’s hiding, and to annoy her by speaking Serbo-Croatian. She could probably spy on Melania’s conversations with her family, since Slovenian is similar to Serbo-Croatian. Or maybe reveal that they all speak German together?

According to Reuters, Mira Ricardel was fired because “She ran afoul of Melania Trump” regarding Melania’s trip to Africa “and the use of government resources for the trip, a senior administration official said“. See: “Trump aide Ricardel forced out after showdown with first lady 
Posted:Thu, 15 Nov 2018 04:08:46 -0500 
Mira Ricardel, the White House deputy national security adviser, was forced out of her job on Wednesday after President Donald Trump’s wife, Melania, said Ricardel did not deserve the honor of working for her husband. http://feeds.reuters.com/~r/Reuters/PoliticsNews/~3/vQBeXE5flOo/trump-aide-ricardel-forced-out-after-showdown-with-first-lady-idUSKCN1NJ37Z

This suggests that she thought it absurd for Melania to spent $95,000 for rooms in an Egyptian hotel where she didn’t even spend the night! How much did Melania pay for her visit to the pyramids? Then Melania has the unmitigated gall to thank Egypt instead of the US taxpayer.


Melania’s official FLOTUS spokewoman complains that a journalist got facts wrong. The hotel bill was apparently just to hang out and not for spending the night, like the journalist assumed!

Right after Mira Ricardel was fired, the wikipedia page was updated to accuse Mira’s father of being a fascist. Since Melania is of German Slovenian (Yugoslav) origin her father may have been a Nazi who then became a Communist. The fact that Mira’s father was suddenly accused of being a fascist right after Melania fired her adds to the suspicion that Mira was going to out Melania’s father as a Nazi, along with a Communist Party Member (a known fact) and who knows what else? Trump and minions always accuse others of being and doing what they themselves

Dictatorship must come easy to Melania since she grew up in one. Unlike Melania, Mira has gotten ahead using her brain: “Born Mira P. Radielovic, she is of Croatian descent.[6] Her father, Peter Radielovich,[7] came from Breza, Bosnia and Herzegovina… He was 16 years old when the Bleiburg Massacre happened and ten years later he left the Yugoslavia in 1954 and arriving in the United States in 1956.[10][6] Mira grew up in Pasadena, California, and at home spoke the Croatian language.[6][11] Her family followed the Croatian Catholic Church and worshipped in Arcadia, California.[6][11] Ricardel received her Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Foreign Service from Georgetown University, graduating in 1982.[1] While at Georgetown, she was a member of the Delta Phi Epsilon professional foreign service sorority.[5]https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mira_Ricardel

Yugoslavia included Croatia, Slovenia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.