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The Republican secretary of state for Georgia, Brian Kemp, who oversees elections-voting, is also running for Governor.

Press Release
The entire Democratic delegation of Georgia sent a letter today to Attorney General Jefferson Sessions demanding an investigation of blatant inequities in the electoral processes of the state.  The inconsistencies are many:  the cancellation of 1.4 million voter registrations since 2012, the stalling of 53,000 voter registrations of predominantly black citizens, and the alleged discriminatory nature of the “exact match” system requiring registrations to perfectly match other state records, such as a state driver’s license, ID card or Social Security records.

These inequities have been flagged by numerous news reports, and civil rights organizations filed a federal lawsuit yesterday challenging the exact match law.  Aside from these flagrant abuses, it is notable that the manager of the state elections process is also a candidate for governor who has refused to recuse himself. 

“This collection of facts is not accidental.  It paints a picture of a systematic, deliberate attempt to influence the outcome of this election,” said Rep. John Lewis. 

“How can we claim that we live in a democracy, how can we attempt to lead other democratic nations around the world when we allow this kind of outright abuse to go unchecked in our nation?  It is a shame and a disgrace. No American can afford to be silent.  Today this is happening in Georgia.  If we do not stand up and speak out, it can happen elsewhere in our nation.  Every citizen who is eligible to vote in this election needs to make their voices heard.  The foundation of our democracy is at stake.

“The Democratic delegation of Georgia is calling on the Attorney General to do his job.  We are asking him not to be partisan, but to be a patriot, to be a true American, and to use the power the people of this nation have entrusted to defend our democracy from abuse.  I look forward to his answer.”

Added to this debacle are the vulnerabilities of Georgia’s electoral system which may have been hacked by Russians in the 2016 election.  A lawsuit was filed advocating the use of paper ballots in Georgia’s election due to these vulnerabilities, but the request was denied by a federal district court judge.  The delegation letter also asks the Attorney General to investigate the seriousness of these issues on the integrity of elections in Georgia.
Georgia Election Administration Letter Oct 2018.pdf

Click to access Georgia%20Election%20Administration%20Letter%20Oct%202018.pdf


Georgia secretary of state Brian Kemp, who is overseeing the election process, while running for governor, is apparently concerned that get out the vote campaigns could make him lose: https://twitter.com/RollingStone/status/1054854675088822273

Click to access Georgia%20Election%20Administration%20Letter%20Oct%202018.pdf

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